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  1. The Dick Show Saloon

    We're mostly here for The Dick Show. Mostly.

    1. The Dick Show

      Get Dick in your ear. Episodes and discussion can be found in here. Automagically pulled from the Libsyn RSS feed.

    2. Goss and TDS' Cinematic Universe

      Let's talk about Goss (come on), let's talk about Goss (do it)

    3. Introductions and Dick Waving

      Not sure where to comment first? Want to make a grand opening post to show us how cool you are? Make it in here! Say hello! Tell us if you're into tits or ass, over or under, you know, the general things.

  2. The Dickorum

    Mostly here for Dick. This is the other part. Like crashing a boat at a party, we're here to have fun but not too much fun. That's how you get sued.

    1. Movies, Music, TV, Youtube

      We've all got time to kill besides listening to the show. Tell us what you're currently into!

    2. Tech and Vidya Games.

      Excited about a new phone or game dropping? Found a cool repo you want to share? Questions about how to set up a server? The best place to discuss tech, computers, programming, video games, traditional games or anything else people play as well. Rape is not included.

    3. The Park

      Here you can find all sorts of wild animals like introduction posts, general bantz or internet drama, or whatever else doesn't really fit into another forum.

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