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  1. Post some specs you lil boys.
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    Well, that makes one of us. hehe
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    Post ur battlestations

    Have been a licensed Tech since I was 10. Am building an old heathkit HW-101 and have some other old shiz also for the low bands. Not many around here are active anymore since most of the people who used it around here have died of old age. Haven't even heard a kerchunk on the local repeater in about 3 weeks.
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    Remote DnD Nights - Interest?

    I'd be up for it, if it wasn't on some platform that scrapes all your input for marketing purposes like discord does.
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    Post ur battlestations

    Hmm I'll bite... Not pictured, my awesome lazyboi recliner.
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    A day in the life...

    --- Log opened Wed Oct 31 00:00:16 2018 00:06 twinkiecr: MAH LIVELY HOOD! 00:06 son_of_a_: TROGDOR WAS A MAN 00:07 Dyc3: HE WAS A DRAGON MAN 00:07 son_of_a_: FUCK DA POLICE 00:07 Silverfis: No 00:07 Silverfis: HE WAS A DRAGON 00:07 son_of_a_: I WANT IT, I NEED IT 00:08 Dyc3: WEENIES NEED TO GTFO 00:08 son_of_a_: FURY TITS! 00:08 Dyc3: IM CALLING THE POLICE 00:08 son_of_a_: NAAAAH 00:08 Dyc3: kek 00:08 Dyc3: INTOOALECTUAL 00:08 son_of_a_: EVERYTHING IS SEXIST EVERYTHING IS RACIST AND ITS UP TO US TO POINT IT OUT 00:08 Dyc3: ok that was the last one 00:12 Dyc3: im happy Bojack got renewed for S6 00:23 Silverfis: !q 00:23 retardbit: #817 - <madimumpanic> 9/11 was awesome 00:23 Silverfis: Welp. There we go. 00:28 ~ _688as: lol 00:28 ~ _688as: fucking brandon 00:28 ~ _688as: need to scrub all that shit 00:31 Silverfis: scrubadubwubalubaDUBDUB I'M PICKELED DICKS REEEEEEEEEEEEEE 00:32 Silverfis: it's 2018 bro. everyone eats ass. 00:33 Silverfis: Wut's gud _688as 00:51 Silverfis: fishbro 00:54 fishmunst: yo fishbro 00:56 SilentKno: lol guy who tries to meet an inmate online says "you don't meet the right kind of people at bars" 00:56 SilentKno: wtf 00:57 fishmunst: you listening to the new episode 00:57 SilentKno: yea 00:57 fishmunst: pretty sure the guy was was the inmate 00:58 fishmunst: havent listened to it yet though 00:58 fishmunst: looking forward to it 00:58 SilentKno: this guy is a lunatic 01:00 Silverfis: yea. 01:11 SilentKno: I think I prefer the guy who was ashamed to look like McLovin over this Ian who was proud of it. Nice work riling up a pornstar though and her cucksband 01:12 SilentKno: looking like a giant nerd is nothing to be proud of 01:14 Silverfis: but maybe he could get poon for looking like McLovin 01:15 fishmunst: yeah 01:15 Norseman: McLovemuffin. 01:15 Norseman: Morninbg 01:15 SilentKno: why though 01:15 fishmunst: had a good laugh reading about the crazy guys arrest record and shit 01:17 Norseman: why the fuck would you put a hamster underwater?? 01:18 SilentKno: reddit news is perfect 01:18 stiffalis: I'm in search of some advice 01:18 SilentKno: when in doubt always pull out 01:19 stiffalis: in WA state there is a law that is being voted on right now that would penalize people if a gun they own was used in a crime if they haven't reported it lost/stolen 01:19 stiffalis: ....I lost a gun 01:19 SilentKno: report it lost 01:20 Norseman: is it registerd to you? 01:20 stiffalis: yeah 01:20 stiffalis: what happens if I find it? 01:20 SilentKno: report it found 01:20 stiffalis: haha, I feel like anything involving police is never THAT easy 01:21 stiffalis: but I could be wrong 01:21 SilentKno: I mean, there is likely paperwork involved, but that's not an inconceivable or even unlikely scenario so it should be fairly harmless process 01:22 Norseman: But 01:22 Norseman: what difference does it make? 01:22 SilentKno: but reporting it lost as fast as possible should be a priority 01:22 Norseman: your gun is used for a crime regardless if you report it or not 01:23 SilentKno: Norseman, if you report it lost you don't get implicated with it... makes a big difference 01:23 SilentKno: very obviously 01:23 Norseman: sure, but it won't stop the crime 01:23 SilentKno: who the fuck cares 01:23 stiffalis: I guess I'm hesitant as well, because I'm fairly certain I just can't find it 01:23 SilentKno: the crime would have happened some other way 01:23 Norseman: so who the fuck cares if you report it stolen or not? 01:24 SilentKno: do you want to go to jail because someone committed a crime with your weapon? 01:24 fishmunst: what gun did you lose? 01:24 stiffalis: it's a ruger 22 pistol 01:24 Norseman: SilentKnob: you know what I'm saying, don't you? 01:24 SilentKno: you seem to be missing the core concept 01:25 Norseman: you seem to be missing my problem with the law they're voting on. 01:25 stiffalis: The law is really fucking dumb 01:25 SilentKno: they're trying to prevent people from "losing" guns to gang members 01:26 SilentKno: for money under the table 01:26 Norseman: so they report it stolen / lost 01:26 SilentKno: it's not that bad an idea 01:26 Norseman: and still get money under the table 01:26 SilentKno: if they lose too many 01:26 SilentKno: it's obvious 01:26 Norseman: well, ok. 01:26 SilentKno: one or 2 it's harmless 01:26 stiffalis: I think it has to do with gun control 01:26 stiffalis: They want to make owning guns inconvenient 01:27 Norseman: "I didn't know it was stolen." 01:27 stiffalis: and if you own a gun then it should always be locked in a safe 01:27 Norseman: "I thought it was locked in at the gun club" 01:28 SilentKno: if you get fined for losing your gun you might be more careful about securing it. It's not the most ridiculous law I've ever heard 01:28 Norseman: "I forgot to take it out of the bag after practice. I swear I thought it was locked in the basement!" 01:28 stiffalis: That's what I'm saying. This law would make it if I did something like kept a gun in drawer for easy access risky because it could get stolen and I wouldn't notice 01:28 Silverfis: Mornin Norseman 01:28 Norseman: "I thought it was in my bedroom drawer" 01:29 fishmunst: you wouldnt notice if someone had broken into your house? 01:29 stiffalis: possibly 01:29 Norseman: "The back door is a bit dodgy" 01:29 fishmunst: interesting 01:29 SilentKno: sometimes house parties feature people digging through your shit if you throw degenerate parties like stiffalis and his mom throw 01:29 fishmunst: yeah, good point SilentKnob 01:30 stiffalis: haha, I throw a lot less degenerate parties than I used to 01:30 fishmunst: not to mention all the strange men that come over regularly that stiffalis has to call uncle 01:30 stiffalis: I don't "have" to, but if I don't, I won't get any presents 01:31 Norseman: oh motherfucker 01:31 stiffalis: where do you think the gun came from? 01:31 Norseman: WHY THE FUCK DO WE HAVE SAMSUNG PHONES????? I FUCKING hate them. 01:32 Silverfis: woah, nathias just got here man, simmer down 01:32 Silverfis: have a coffee 01:32 Norseman: Morning Silverfish 01:32 Norseman: one of my coworkers found Bixby... 01:32 Norseman: I wanna blow my brains out. 01:32 stiffalis: ...I like Samsung... 01:32 SilentKno: Samsung phones are better than Apple phones 01:33 Norseman: You won't when I'm GodEmperor of the world. 01:33 stiffalis: I'd vote for you 01:33 Norseman: Thanks 01:33 SilentKno: if you disagree I don't respect your intelligence 01:33 stiffalis: except that thing about you and the pancake titties has me a little worried.... 01:33 Norseman: SilentKnob: I'll remove Apple too for you. 01:34 nathias: sup 01:35 Silverfis: Not much, you? 01:35 Silverfis: watching the nick rackets stream 01:35 nathias: which one 01:35 Norseman: is rackets streaming? 01:35 Silverfis: he is currently with dick ya 01:36 Silverfis: they're just wrapping up 01:36 Norseman: oh 01:36 nathias: the one about twitter was cool 01:36 Silverfis: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4pTt6gk_wDs 01:36 Silverfis: he just shilled for the hard men and wauterboi 01:37 Norseman: That "Drill her"... 01:37 Norseman: That's some Weird-Al level musicery 01:37 Silverfis: yea man 01:38 nathias: i really dont get why theres so much peopel defending this corporate shenanigans 01:38 nathias: just make your own app 01:38 nathias: just make your own internet 01:38 nathias: etc 01:39 SilentKno: cool Norseman but what kind of phones will you promote? 01:39 Norseman: none 01:39 SilentKno: I currently use a tracfone 01:39 Norseman: Nokia 01:39 Norseman: or some pure android native phone. 01:40 SilentKno: yeaaaaaaaah bring back the indestructible brick phone 01:40 Norseman: without all the bullshit. 01:40 Norseman: Smartphones are making me rage the same way computers did. 01:40 SilentKno: I thought i could expoit them for money 01:41 SilentKno: instead it's the opposite 01:41 nathias: computers werent planned to be obsolete in a year 01:41 SilentKno: they are now 01:41 Norseman: "my computer is not working / my phone is not working" 01:41 Norseman: "what is this?" 01:41 Norseman: "Can I print this?" 01:41 Norseman: "How can I print this?" 01:42 SilentKno: and if you were a gamer and wanted to keep up with the best graphics then you had to upgrade every couple months 01:42 SilentKno: and I know people who did this for several years 01:43 nathias: im waiting for postmarketOS 01:43 Norseman: "Hey, Norseman. What is this mail I got..?" 01:43 SilentKno: people will ask you dumb questions regardless of what technology is out there Norseman 01:44 Norseman: "It's just Google complaining about you using the native e-mail app on your iPad instead of Gmail, dad." 01:44 SilentKno: there is no avoiding it short of eliminating people 01:50 Norseman: is that a bad idea? 01:50 Norseman: maybe make technology even more complex so people will shun it 01:51 nathias: just dont make easy to use interfaces 01:51 Norseman: Make a simple phone with google, facebook, snapchat, twitter and instagram. kill Siri, Bixby and all the other crap. 01:52 Norseman: fuck google/samsung/apple pay 01:52 Dyc3: i miss windows phone 01:52 nathias: i dont really like the idea of a mobile phone 01:52 Dyc3: it got so much hate, but fuck it was a good OS 01:52 Dyc3: i dont use any fucking apps 01:52 Norseman: yeah 01:52 nathias: so people assume you're always availiable 01:53 Norseman: IIRC Nokia OS was good too 01:53 Dyc3: i hate how everyone is a fucking zombie in public 01:53 Dyc3: that shit really fucks wwith my head now 01:53 Norseman: but they fucked it with 0 app development 01:53 nathias: emails are the optimal communication tool 01:53 Dyc3: Norseman, and the store was fucked with its rules 01:53 Dyc3: nathias, ok maddox 01:54 Dyc3: but yeah, every day on the train i see hundreds of people that do not look up anymore. its literally all of them 01:54 Dyc3: i only listen to music, check here. and if no conversation is going, im just looking around 01:54 SilentKno: I still want to be a cyborg though, I'm not giving up on that dream 01:54 Dyc3: its fucked up. i could be swinging dick like a lassoo and shit and nobody would notice 01:54 Norseman: Did you know Nokia had a built in FM-transmitter in at least one of the phones? 01:54 Dyc3: SilentKnob, gimme Adam Jensen from Deus Ex 01:54 Dyc3: a transmitter? i did not 01:55 Dyc3: thats pretty cool 01:55 SilentKno: fosh 01:55 Norseman: yeah, you could load up the phone with mp3s and play them on the radio 01:55 Dyc3: i have his jacket lol 01:55 nathias: you could have your own pirate radio station 01:55 nathias: ? 01:55 Dyc3: Norseman, fuuuuuck that would have been so good for a car i had with a tape player & radio only 01:55 Norseman: totally 01:55 SilentKno: it's not that good 01:56 nathias: nice 01:56 SilentKno: fm transmitters are almost always shit quality 01:56 Norseman: nathias: yeah, for a range of 5 meters 01:56 nathias: hehe 01:56 Dyc3: thats still pretty bad ass... id be streaqming some hateful shit on that 01:56 Dyc3: "hey you, in the yellow dress....... they are coming for you.... 01:56 nathias: iso its more like a bluetooth alternative 01:56 Norseman: Dyc3: I had a tape-adapter. 01:56 SilentKno: tons of interference even if directly on top of what you're streaming 01:57 SilentKno: and you can't just change what people around you are tuned into 01:57 SilentKno: they'd have to tune into your feed 01:57 Norseman: of course not 01:57 Dyc3: hmm 01:57 Norseman: you'd have to choose a frequency 01:57 Dyc3: if you had a strong enough signal and were close enough 01:57 Dyc3: you might 01:57 Norseman: you need a stronger transmitter then. 01:57 Dyc3: think of how objects totally kill an AM signal in traffic 01:57 SilentKno: you'd have to engineer a signal boost 01:58 SilentKno: AM is garbage 01:58 Norseman: ... or just get a radio transmitter...? 01:58 Dyc3: i think if you were close enough. and maybe upped the power a little through hackery, you could go over Mainstream channels 01:58 Dyc3: id LOVE to test that 01:59 SilentKno: I feel like if that were a thing it'd be taken advantage of more often 01:59 SilentKno: but I could be wrong 01:59 SilentKno: probably too costly 01:59 SilentKno: if I had to guess 02:00 SilentKno: anyway I've spent enough time shitting on your ideas 02:00 SilentKno: time for sleep 02:01 nathias: people do that as a hobby 02:08 Norseman: later SilentKnob 02:09 Norseman: The airwaves are kinda "free" here now after the morons decided we're going digital. 02:24 Norseman: Damn. Norway must be a hellhole. 02:25 Norseman: Syrian refugees refuse asylum here. 02:25 nathias: arent they all going to germany 02:29 Norseman: maybe 02:29 Norseman: I'm talking about the UN-quota 02:30 Norseman: We spread our refugees out all over the country. There is a certain risk they'll be placed in a village with like 5000-10000 inhabitants 02:31 nathias: thats a mid-sized town here 02:31 nathias: :)) 02:31 Norseman: If you come from a 500k+ city, I can understand you want to go somewhere else. 02:31 Norseman: I mean, if that's an option. 02:32 nathias: i cant imagine living anywhere where the population is that dense 02:32 nathias: im sure the reverse is true for city dwellers 02:32 Norseman: probably 02:32 Norseman: there are about 200 000 in the greater area here. That's enough for me. 02:34 nathias: all in all 02:34 nathias: in the peak of migrant crisis 02:34 nathias: there still wasn't that much people 02:35 nathias: i imagine things will be much much worse when global warming effects are more prominent 02:37 The_Zoo: Hola 02:37 nathias: lo 02:38 Norseman: Sup The_Zoo 02:41 The_Zoo: hungover. 02:41 Norseman: that's bad 02:47 Norseman: you're 22 hours ahead of me in idlerpg too. 02:54 The_Zoo: I saw that. 02:55 The_Zoo: my freekin' head 02:59 * Norseman dcc-send The_Zoo aspirin. 03:03 The_Zoo: Gracias 03:05 The_Zoo: Glad it's almost over, get to head back to Arkansas tomorrow. 03:07 Norseman: Just click your heels together? 03:08 The_Zoo: http://uberhumor.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/9yz2eaorbav11.jpg 03:13 Norseman: hehe 03:21 The_Zoo: eheh 03:22 Norseman: eehh 03:22 Norseman: I like to sort my laughs alphabetically. 03:22 The_Zoo: aahh 03:24 The_Zoo: brains are slowly feeling better. Coffee seems to help. 03:26 Norseman: it's a fluid 03:29 The_Zoo: Let's be jews. 03:30 Norseman: Today too? 03:33 fishmunst: dr. nurse call in was great 03:34 The_Zoo: I like and hate it. 03:34 fishmunst: yeah 03:34 fishmunst: wasnt as annoying as i thought 03:35 fishmunst: the backhanded insults were great 03:35 fishmunst: "she belongs in LA" 03:35 fishmunst: haha 03:37 Norseman: I'm not there yet. The fed-rant is just finished. 03:37 fishmunst: need to go back to that one 03:37 fishmunst: slept through it 03:37 fishmunst: woke up for drill-her 03:37 fishmunst: great way to wake up aciou lakembra samglaze 03:37 fishmunst: laughed like a lunatic 03:38 Norseman: I thought "this is boring, and sounds misinformed" then converted to "Wait? It's a private entity? Wait, what?" 03:38 Norseman: "is this real?" 03:49 nathias: they can do whatever they want, they're private 03:49 nathias: just make your own fed 03:50 Norseman: sure. you just need an infinite amount of money 03:53 fishmunst: holy shit Norseman, fantastic erotic story coming up 03:57 Norseman: Ok 03:58 Norseman: I'll listen on my way home 04:02 fishmunst: man this australian guy is crazy 04:04 Norseman: -lunch 04:13 lakembra: fishmunster123: Thanks man 04:15 fishmunst: lakembra: was that you and your golden pipes singing? 04:16 lakembra: Yeah 04:17 lakembra: https://soundcloud.com/lakembra/drill-her-acapella 04:21 fishmunst: well done buddy 04:21 fishmunst: you sound like an incredibly successful child molester 04:23 lakembra: that's one dream crossed of the list 04:24 fishmunst: i also find it strange that i can sleep through PeenWeinerstein and his fed rage, but wake up laughing to your music 04:44 fishmunst: hahahahah 04:44 fishmunst: dick ripping into asterios' settlement offer is great 04:44 fishmunst: asterios is trying to be a superhero good guy 04:52 Norseman: "i want my money back, and only my money" 04:58 nathias: paid only by the same exact bills 05:02 fishmunst: didnt actually look into how retarded his settlement offer is 05:03 fishmunst: i wast him to sign a document saying that he wont go after any more third parties 05:03 fishmunst: and also if he he hears about a campaign, talk to greenberger 05:03 pint: hm? 05:03 fishmunst: which apparently asterios is going to have him on retainer for the rest of his life 05:04 fishmunst: pint: end of the most recent episode, dick rips into how retarded asterios' settlement offer is 05:04 pint: I'm so far behind 05:05 pint: 05:06 The_Zoo: That's just the settlement for sanctions, not the entire countersuit. 05:06 The_Zoo: I think. 05:06 fishmunst: no 05:07 The_Zoo: ok 05:07 fishmunst: pretty sure its for everything 05:07 The_Zoo: Well then of course it's dumb. 05:07 fishmunst: it would be insane if maddox settles only for sanctions and not a potential countersuit either 05:08 fishmunst: but its maddox, you never know 05:08 The_Zoo: I agree that the solution is poverty. 05:09 fishmunst: but asterios wont look like a good guy superhero martyr 05:11 The_Zoo: He would to me, if he put Maddox in poverty forever. 05:12 fishmunst: yeah, that would be pretty great 05:12 fishmunst: but asterios doesnt seem to want to do that for some reason 05:13 The_Zoo: I think he does, but maybe I'm reading it wrong. 05:13 fishmunst: maybe 05:13 fishmunst: asterios is not known for making smart decisions 05:15 nathias: because asterios is no deep philosopher. he will take a symbolic loss for a real weakness 05:16 nathias: rome was so great 05:20 w0rp: I've got an bonus episode style invention. Audio analysis software which can detect if people on the phone are fat or not. 05:20 nathias: impossible 05:21 Norseman: CnC: Retard Alert . Someone make that game! 05:22 fishmunst: haha 05:22 fishmunst: the only unit is resource harvesters 05:22 grapelady: mornin crew, flew them danglers, kegels before bagels 05:22 w0rp: I used to really enjoy running over guys with the resource harvesters. 05:26 Norseman: can you attack other harvesters with your harvester? 05:34 Norseman: looks like this is Dick: https://i.imgur.com/V4wbKdH.png 05:37 sagacious: fishmunster123, did you see what asterios posted on twitter last night? 05:38 sagacious: he's asking for 5 years lost wages + something else 05:38 sagacious: Norseman, no you cannot. Harvests don't have weapons, except Yuri's in Red Alert 2's expansion 05:39 Norseman: War Harvesters or whatever they're called. 05:40 Norseman: The GDI Harvester got a turret 05:40 sagacious: I didn't play Red Alert 3 so I can't speak to anything in that one 05:40 sagacious: ...I don't recall one, was that in C&C3? 05:40 Norseman: Tib Wars 05:41 sagacious: yep, this wiki says the third game 05:41 sagacious: I played that one by far the least 05:41 sagacious: I probably played Sole Survivor more than 3 05:41 Norseman: Right 05:41 Norseman: Tiberian Sun sucked me into the CnC universe 05:42 sagacious: lakembra, you sound like a real american in this acapella 05:42 sagacious: How mnay takes did "You try to scream but penis fills your mouth" take you 05:42 sagacious: Norseman, oh man. I grew up with that shit from the release of the first one. I remember my dad being excited about it. 05:43 Norseman: It's a great game and franchise 05:44 sagacious: was 05:45 Norseman: Tib is still good 05:46 sagacious: Oh they're still wonderful games but anything EA does to try and defibrillate the corpse is just saddening. Let it die. 05:46 sagacious: like that mobile game. 05:46 * sagaciouszu shivers 05:46 Norseman: agreed 05:47 sagacious: if there's no base building, and it's based on hex tiles.. and there's cards.. all they did was paint GDI and NOD on each "side" and bam. instant C&C 05:47 sagacious: deserves better. won't get it. 05:47 ~ _688as: RED ALERT 1 MASTER RACE 05:47 son_of_a_: HALP ME BIG GOV, SAVE ME FROM THE SHIT POSTING 05:47 ~ _688as: I DARE YOU TO DISAGREE 05:47 son_of_a_: LITERALLY SQUIDWARD 05:47 Norseman: Retard Alert 05:47 sagacious: KIROV REPORTING 05:47 son_of_a_: "OH NOOOO" 05:47 ::!!:: mode/#thedickshow [+b *!*norseman@*.l9qk.0acj.7e00.2a01.IP] by _688as 05:47 ::!!:: Norseman was kicked from #thedickshow by _688as [] 05:48 nathias: anyone played dungeon keeper? 05:48 ~ _688as: who's next 05:48 sagacious: _688as, I own the RA1 OST on CD can I have hop 05:48 sagacious: will provide pics because it did happen 05:48 ::!!:: mode/#thedickshow [+h sagaciouszu] by _688as 05:48 %sagacious: also RA2 is better 05:48 %sagacious: 05:48 ::!!:: mode/#thedickshow [+b *!*gaciouszu@reid-8agsnu.com] by _688as 05:48 ::!!:: sagaciouszu was kicked from #thedickshow by _688as [] 05:49 ~ _688as: come at me 05:49 ::!!:: mode/#thedickshow [-b *!*norseman@*.l9qk.0acj.7e00.2a01.IP] by _688as 05:49 ::!!:: mode/#thedickshow [-b *!*gaciouszu@reid-8agsnu.com] by _688as 05:50 ~ _688as: ;~) 05:50 Norseman: Refreshing 05:50 Norseman: clean slate 05:51 sagacious: I disavow nothing! 05:51 ~ _688as: fag 05:51 sagacious: For real though, I'm sure it's easily found online but I can rip it for you if it you want _688as 05:51 ~ _688as: ra1 tha best 05:52 sagacious: CD is basically flawless 05:52 ~ _688as: i made so many custom missions for that 05:52 ~ _688as: i own it bitch 05:52 sagacious: Did you play either expansion much? 05:52 ~ _688as: yes 05:53 ~ _688as: i had everything 05:53 sagacious: I remember trying to beat that damn ant level so much but never doing it 05:53 ~ _688as: plus shareware custom mission pack cds 05:53 Norseman: I think I own a complete pack of everything from RA1 up until... Firestorm 05:53 sagacious: Firestorm was weird. 05:53 sagacious: I liked the unit/building additions but the storyline got really bizarre 05:53 Norseman: it was a pack as long as my keyboard 05:53 Norseman: the box 05:54 sagacious: the decade collection or whatever? 05:54 ~ _688as: ra2 was fun but it wasnt c&c 05:54 ~ _688as: fuck ea 05:54 sagacious: Fuck EA. 05:54 sagacious: FUCK EA GAMES 05:54 son_of_a_: I'M NOT ROBOT JESUS 05:54 sagacious: perfect 05:54 ~ _688as: ra was a prequel to c&c 05:54 ~ _688as: with kane 05:55 sagacious: "Tiberium" was supposed to be the game that tied them together 05:55 ~ _688as: wat 05:55 sagacious: _688as, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ieGNzeUex3g 05:55 Norseman: I can't remember 05:55 sagacious: Have you never heard of it?! It was cancelled with Westwood 05:55 ~ _688as: also tiberium was just a redraw of melange 05:55 sagacious: Renegade 2 essentially 05:56 ~ _688as: lol fuck renegade 05:56 sagacious: It was pretty fun on LAN 05:56 sagacious: RA2 did have some pretty delicious schlock though 05:57 sagacious: _688as, if you don't watch the video, it looked like Republic Commando but in the C&C universe 05:57 Norseman: Melange is a brand of margarine here. 05:57 sagacious: there's a brand of water chestnuts called "M'Lord" and I laugh every time in the grocery store 05:58 ~ _688as: m'cuck 05:59 ~ _688as: water chestnuts are disgusting 05:59 sagacious: who thought they were a good idea? 06:00 Norseman: I like them 06:00 Norseman: fried 06:01 Norseman: in a wok 06:01 nathias: have you carved your turnips for the spook holiday 06:01 Norseman: Our pumpkin looks like a cat.... 06:02 Norseman: Kids design. 06:02 nathias: you have halloween in norway? 06:03 Norseman: yep 06:03 Norseman: McDonalds and Coca Cola too 06:03 sagacious: Is it as popular as north america? 06:03 nathias: 06:04 Norseman: It's getting there. 06:04 sagacious: Was there like... a turning point when it just sorta started proliferating? Was it always a thing there? 06:05 sagacious: I only know shit about North America and bastile day 06:05 Norseman: yeahnah... I'd say... about 10 years ago maybe? 06:06 sagacious: Treehouse of Horrors? 06:06 Norseman: I remember going to a halloween party 10 years ago 06:06 sagacious: I feel like The Simpsons have had a pretty big part in proliferating halloween, especially during the 90s ahah 06:07 Norseman: We knew about halloween, but no one really partied. And kids didn't go trick or treating. 06:09 Norseman: so maybe like... 10-12 years ago people started having halloween parties, and dressing up and shit. A few years later it started getting more commercialized and kids started going trick or treating. 06:09 nathias: shit 06:09 Norseman: I may be off by a few years though. Could be like 15 years ago. 06:09 nathias: we're in the middle of this process 06:09 twinkiecr: i hear in norseland. they have these things called metal concerts where it's halloween all the time 06:10 nathias: no kids trick or treating yet 06:11 sagacious: nathias, if they are you're legally allowed to beat them 06:11 Norseman: you're getting there. soon all the supermarkets will be selling halloween candy and costumes and shit to kids. 06:11 Norseman: twinkiecream: probably 06:12 twinkiecr: halloween needs more kick like in the 80's. 06:12 twinkiecr: MORE MURDA! 06:12 son_of_a_: LENORA THAT'S HER NAME 06:13 nathias: by the time well get there 06:13 nathias: usa will upgrade their halloween to purge day 06:13 Norseman: that will be fun 06:13 nathias: and the cycle can begin anew 06:14 sagacious: Norseman, from september to november 1st it's basically wall to wall halloween shit 06:14 Norseman: and God will reset earth, thus creating a second moon 06:14 sagacious: I'm going to walmart later, I can take a photo if you want 06:14 Norseman: it's like that here too 06:14 Norseman: more or less 06:15 sagacious: then november 1st they mark all that shit down 50-80% which is when I pounce because nobody gives candy to a 6'3" masked dude. 06:15 sagacious: If I were half a foot shorter, maybe. 06:15 nathias: norseman do you have any masquarades as your own holidays 06:15 sagacious: is the yule lads a thing you do 06:16 sagacious: wait that's iceland 06:16 Norseman: nathias: we had this thing called "julebukk". 06:16 twinkiecr: u could donate ur shins 2 me 06:16 twinkiecr: i need a boast to reach the top shelf 06:16 sagacious: twinkiecream confirmed for cotton hill 06:16 Norseman: sagaciouszu: not in the last 50 years where I live. 06:16 twinkiecr: oh dang it 06:16 sagacious: hank's wife! 06:17 Norseman: julebukk is like halloween, but the kids (and adults) used to go from door to door and sing for candy (or shots). 06:17 nathias: is that like people dressing into devils with santa 06:18 sagacious: Norseman, what the shit that sounds cool 06:18 sagacious: I'd sing to strangers for booze 06:18 sagacious: or candy. 06:19 nathias: does it have a theme like halloween 06:19 Norseman: sagaciouszu: don't you have a tradition to go from door to door and singing during christmas? I've seen it in old Disney cartoons. 06:19 nathias: or is it just masquerades 06:19 sagacious: Nobody does that these days because stranger danger killed it 06:19 Norseman: nathias: according to wiki, at least one person should be dressed up as a goat. 06:19 nathias: hahah 06:19 nathias: thats cool 06:20 nathias: thats probably the guy with the black metal vocals 06:20 Norseman: Bukk is referring to a billy goat or ram. 06:21 nathias: ours is similar 06:21 nathias: not sure if they are supposed to be goats 06:21 nathias: http://staroverci.si/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/Kurent_1968.jpg 06:22 Norseman: probably the devil 06:22 Norseman: or some devilish figure 06:22 nathias: nah its some pagan stuff 06:22 nathias: pre-christian 06:23 nathias: but thats a holiday at the end of winter 06:23 Norseman: end of winter? 06:24 Norseman: not during christmas? 06:24 nathias: yea 06:24 nathias: its on the moon calendar so its different date every year 06:26 Norseman: pagan as fuck 06:26 nathias: depends on the easter 06:27 nathias: so its pagan included into chatolicism 06:27 nathias: they did that everywhere to make it stick 06:32 Norseman: of course 06:32 Norseman: let them keep their pagan rites but just call it christian 06:32 Norseman: jesus wasn't born in december 06:33 nathias: or at all 06:35 Norseman: I need a new wife: https://imgur.com/gallery/41HIgdr 06:36 nathias: maybe just get a noodler mistress 06:36 Norseman: Noodle waifu 06:50 nathias: you'll have to noodle her first 06:52 Norseman: I'm sure I can sneak the macaroni in. 06:54 nathias: ngsex 06:54 nathias: The act of trying to insert your penis for intercourse while not fully erect. 06:54 nathias: hahah 07:17 LongNoseC: what is a noodling 07:17 MomentOfX: when you fish with your dongle as bait 07:18 LongNoseC: like a DVI to HDMI dongle? 07:20 MomentOfX: like a PtV dongle 07:20 sagacious: serial to usb 07:20 sagacious: fish are oldschool 07:20 sagacious: ask fishmunster123 or Silverfish 07:22 LongNoseC: wow there are a lot of fuckin fish in here 07:22 sagacious: they like fish dicks too, so they're gay fish. 07:23 LongNoseC: hahaha 07:23 LongNoseC: afk work time byeeeeee 07:25 MomentOfX: rip manic kanye 07:25 MomentOfX: see you next album promo period 07:28 sagacious: https://thedickshowforum.com/topic/155-comics/ 07:30 Norseman: if you weren't hungry yet... https://imgur.com/gallery/4Flxnm0 07:30 BasketOfG: i'm fasting for some bloodwork later today 07:30 BasketOfG: damn you norseman 07:31 gooch1nin: what a retarded thanksgiving sandwich, why would there be avocado on it lol 07:31 gooch1nin: no gravy 07:31 sagacious: BasketOfGrapes, sign up on the forums and post your hunger pangs away! Works 60% of the time, every time! 07:31 sagacious: >grilled cheese with pears 07:31 BasketOfG: i actually just signed up sagaciouszu 07:31 sagacious: STOP FUCKING WITH THINGS 07:31 gooch1nin: no mashed potatoes 07:31 son_of_a_: TOILET PAPER ROLL 07:32 sagacious: GRILLED CHEESE IS A BEAUTIFUL GIRL NEXT DOOR AND YOU WENT AND SHOWED IT INSANE CLOWN POSSE 07:32 son_of_a_: TERRIBLE TERRIBLE 07:32 sagacious: A wrap isn't a fucking sandwich! 07:32 sagacious: This list is shit Norseman 07:32 BasketOfG: of course it is 07:32 BasketOfG: it's shit between bread 07:32 couture: does anyone actually listen to insane clown posse or just say they do? 07:32 sagacious: no it's shit between tortilla 07:32 BasketOfG: an "open-faced" sandwich is NOT a sandwich though 07:32 BasketOfG: it has to be between the bread 07:32 sagacious: couture, dopeyopi used to. unironically. 07:32 couture: reminds me of people that say they like The Residents 07:33 BasketOfG: tortilla is a form of bread 07:33 sagacious: but he wasn't exactly a shining beacon of mental stability 07:33 nathias: avocado is good in anything 07:33 BasketOfG: couture: i had the great melinko in high school 07:33 sagacious: nathias, what about cake 07:33 nathias: ANYTHING 07:33 son_of_a_: HOLD UP 07:33 couture: it's like, yea ICP have a couple funny tunes but there's nothing about it I find worth re-listening to. i don't get it. 07:33 sagacious: couture, the only good thing to come out of ICP was the magnets quote and the workaholics episode 07:34 couture: ha. 07:34 couture: I thought it was the nenden game or whatever it was called 07:34 sagacious: "Sir? Sir you dropped somethin-- oh. oh that's poop." 07:34 couture: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oSKj02nuVF0 07:35 gooch1nin: <nathias> avocado is good in anything 07:35 gooch1nin: nathias: kill yourself 07:35 sagacious: https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/951842992778852126/EADF5407EC66AA11FFD63249F25A4A5473ED4018/ holy shit 07:35 sagacious: ^ 07:35 sagacious: but holy shit. 07:35 sagacious: :npcthinking: 07:35 sagacious: I'm making this a forum response 07:35 nathias: hahhah 07:35 Norseman: You know what makes me happy? 07:35 sagacious: the NPC meme? 07:36 gooch1nin: gay sex? 07:36 sagacious: it brings me so much joy 07:36 Norseman: Having to do something, but being unable to do it because your boss hasn't finished his task. 07:36 gooch1nin: getting your tube sucked by a trucker in the 7/11 bathroom 07:36 sagacious: Norseman, it's free real estate! 07:37 sagacious: gooch1niner, did you find the trucker from always sunny? aren't you supposed to suck them off? 07:37 Norseman: Sometimes I love our retarded software. 07:39 Norseman: I wonder how many hours of productive work I've put in this year. I'm guessing... 15. 07:40 BasketOfG: isn't that the max allowed in norway? 07:42 Norseman: yuuup 07:42 Norseman: it's perfect 07:42 Norseman: I'm gonna go work out. 07:48 Norseman: on company time 07:48 Norseman: 07:50 BasketOfG: my first week my boss paid me to go hiking along the penninsula the day before i flew back home 07:55 Norseman: Nice 07:56 Norseman: My boss is a she though 07:56 Norseman: I enjoy her boobs. 07:57 BasketOfG: that's one thing i miss about working in an office is looking at various boobs 07:57 BasketOfG: although i can just look at porn whenever i want now i guess 07:57 BasketOfG: it's not the same 07:58 Norseman: Yeahnah 07:59 Norseman: Dr Nurse sounds eastern European 07:59 BasketOfG: i think she's some sort of jew, so maybe 08:00 BasketOfG: wikipedia says Post surname is low german/dutch 08:00 BasketOfG: she talks like my 4 year old with all the "well, uh", etc 08:00 BasketOfG: i don't know if she was nervous or what 08:21 SeraphOfH: lols https://i.imgur.com/B6GeVOL.jpg 08:22 SeraphOfH: at least first and the last are true 08:22 BasketOfG: i think drunk people tend to exaggerate in a very obvious way 08:23 TheGreekV: Morning fellows. 08:23 sagacious: o/ 08:23 BasketOfG: howdy 08:24 SeraphOfH: man if you talk with a life long professional alcoholic you'll find they lie all the fucking time 08:24 TheGreekV: Professional you say. 08:25 SeraphOfH: like the kind who lives under the bridge and has 3 previous of his shits in his pants 08:25 TheGreekV: Seems like people's definition of alcoholic varys wildly as well. 08:25 SeraphOfH: well it's a spectrum 08:25 SeraphOfH: like autism 08:25 lie4karma: like gender 08:26 SeraphOfH: no 08:26 TheGreekV: I think that fits most people's definition. 08:26 BasketOfG: what if you get drunk every day, but not for a day job 08:26 TheGreekV: If I have 3 to 4 glasses of whiskey a night that makes me an alcoholic in some people's book. 08:27 SeraphOfH: I mean we have a saying that you'll hear the truth from a drunkard's mouth. I don't think it's a very good one 08:27 BasketOfG: what about like 8 or 9 beers? 08:27 TheGreekV: Then your just fat. 08:27 BasketOfG: ha, true 08:28 BasketOfG: although (starting last week) I don't drink on weeknights any more 08:28 Norseman: You're not fat enough. 08:28 BasketOfG: waking up feeling a lot better rested 08:28 SeraphOfH: I quit coffee too 08:29 sagacious: SeraphOfHate, are.. are you okay? 08:29 SeraphOfH: better quality sleep man 08:29 BasketOfG: actually i love the fucked up dreams i get when i fall asleep with a caffeine buzz 08:30 SeraphOfH: I don't see dreams if I'm drinking covfefe every day 08:32 SeraphOfH: I just tried out going for a week without coffee as an experiment because it's easy for me to quit it. I don't get headaches or shakiness from caffeine withdrawals. 08:33 TheGreekV: Best sleep I get is if I read before I go to bed. No screens. 08:34 SeraphOfH: Best dreams are when you go like 3 weeks without beating your meat 08:34 sagacious: Worst dreams are after the first few days of not smoking weed 08:35 sagacious: Those get weird 08:35 SeraphOfH: But you know those dreams are like a goddamn porn movie and you don't wanna wake up 08:36 TheGreekV: I swear, every old black man I've ever worked with has been an idiot. 08:36 BasketOfG: sagaciouszu: like you're fucking a chick and she turns into your dad and you're butt fucking him? 08:36 sagacious: Less sexual for me, more violent 08:36 TheGreekV: I'm not trying to be racist... It's just my experience. 08:36 sagacious: surviving car accidents, getting maimed, you know, body horror stuff 08:37 BasketOfG: oh cool 08:37 SeraphOfH: TheGreekViking you are not trying to be a racist, you are one 08:37 SeraphOfH: congratulations 08:37 BasketOfG: show me one racist person that actually *tries* to be racist 08:37 BasketOfG: it just comes naturally 08:37 sagacious: richard spencer? 08:37 TheGreekV: Guess so. 08:38 sagacious: we fear different because different would get us killed 08:38 SeraphOfH: just kidings 08:38 TheGreekV: I mean I like them all,. They're just idiots. 08:39 TheGreekV: The guys I'm thinking of. Easy to get along with but I swear they have no thought for the job at hand. 08:39 BasketOfG: i've never worked with an old black man 08:40 BasketOfG: one does live next door, nice guy 08:40 sagacious: TheGreekViking, so everyone? 08:40 sagacious: there's a reason people hate the npc meme 08:40 SeraphOfH: BasketOfGrapes don't drink any drinks he offers you tho 08:41 TheGreekV: Well I guess you're right. 08:41 BasketOfG: SeraphOfHate: has never happened, why do you say that though? 08:41 * Norseman congrats self for a great workout. 08:42 BasketOfG: i offered him some homebrew once and he told me he doesn't drink 08:42 * sagaciouszu does a congratulatory butt pat on Norseman 08:42 SeraphOfH: http://www.everlastingquotes.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/There-are-three-sides-to-every-story-and-sometimes-three-four-and-five.-390x250.jpg 08:42 TheGreekV: Norseman: good jerk off sesh? 08:42 BasketOfG: SeraphOfHate: oh lol 08:42 SeraphOfH: 08:42 Norseman: TheGreekViking; I wish 08:43 TheGreekV: We'll get to it. 08:43 Norseman: In the locker room, so not too late 08:43 BasketOfG: fuck man reddit is unusable today 08:44 BasketOfG: every fucking sub is Halloween themed 08:44 SeraphOfH: Masturbating counts as a workout if your dick is big 08:44 BasketOfG: if you're a small you gotta finger your ass too to burn the extra calories 08:45 SeraphOfH: Just imagine the calorie burning you do while furiously wrestling that 20 inch snake 08:50 Norseman: it's good when your lower abs feels like they've been punched by Asterios, right? 08:51 BasketOfG: depends, a forward punch that misses, or did he get you on the backswing? 08:51 mohater: mornin' generates 08:51 Norseman: sup ma'hater 08:52 Norseman: BasketOfGrapes: an uppercut that misses the balls 08:53 BasketOfG: what kind of spooky tunes are y'all listening to today? 08:53 mohater: 'ello viking 08:53 mohater: Booked another stupid cheap flight 08:53 mohater: going to London this time, $318 RT 08:53 BasketOfG: I just finished Primitive Man's Caustic https://primitivemandoom.bandcamp.com/album/caustic 08:54 mohater: last year, $480 RT to denmark 08:54 Norseman: mohater: najs 08:54 lie4karma: im listening to ghost to ghost if anyone wants to join me 08:55 mohater: very 08:55 Norseman: Grab a beer for me! 08:55 mohater: i'm a non-drinker ;( 08:55 mohater: (CRIES) 08:55 lie4karma: me too! 08:55 Norseman: More for me then 08:55 mohater: good conclusion 08:55 BasketOfG: then butt-chug a beer for him 08:55 Norseman: lol 08:55 Norseman: Ok, I ahve to go ho,me 08:55 mohater: I'm not Brett Kavanaugh 08:55 Norseman: I'm already drunk 08:56 mohater: is it good drunk or bad drunk Norseman ? 08:56 mohater: I worked in a gas station in a sketchy area once 08:56 mohater: say all the types of drunks 08:56 mohater: the full spectrum 08:56 gooch1nin: why is there no bpitu 29 uncucked 08:56 Norseman: Good. I'm at work. 08:56 Norseman: ok, later. 08:57 gooch1nin: i just went to the uncucked feed to listen SPECIFICALLY to episode 29 and its the only one missing from the feed. wtf PeenWeinerstein 08:57 BasketOfG: gooch1niner: that's the one sean deleted? 08:57 BasketOfG: meaning there was no time for maddox to cuck it 08:57 gooch1nin: oh, and then all of them are off by one after that? 08:57 gooch1nin: i dont think so because 29 isnt the one where they come in yelling at sean 08:58 gooch1nin: they still released an episode when sean deleted it, they just had to re record it 08:58 BasketOfG: hmm, ok 08:58 BasketOfG: i was just guessing 08:58 gooch1nin: is the bro downs episode 08:58 BasketOfG: i remember there being a reason.... 08:59 BasketOfG: https://www.reddit.com/r/TheDickShow/comments/8gs6r0/uncucked_2130/ 08:59 BasketOfG: sean wasn't there for it 09:00 BasketOfG: he was ass-farming 09:00 TheGreekV: I was looking for the bro down episode couple weeks ago, I couldn't find it on uncucked or cucked versions. 09:00 TheGreekV: It was like the one episode that was missing 09:00 gooch1nin: Note: Episode 29 was lost. Recovery efforts are being made, but hav so far come up empty. 09:00 gooch1nin: ok thank 09:01 gooch1nin: i think there is a cucked version TheGreekViking 09:01 TheGreekV: Probably my favorite episode to this day 09:02 gooch1nin: yeah, i ahve it on my cucked feed 09:02 gooch1nin: the one that has the episodes in order, if you search the biggest problem on your podcast app it should come up 09:02 gooch1nin: same 09:02 TheGreekV: K 09:03 & aciou: Requit: i warned ye 09:06 Requit: Warned me of what 09:06 BasketOfG: Requit is now spooked 09:07 Requit: 3 spoopy 5 mw 09:11 & aciou: Requit: that they'd all die 09:11 & aciou: wait 09:12 & aciou: you tagged me to say "they're all dead" but 09:12 & aciou: i think that was before we talked about rw last 09:13 JebidiahK: http://www.unp.lk/ 09:13 JebidiahK: omg gooch1niner tell me you're here 09:14 JebidiahK: https://i.imgur.com/bR6lknY.png 09:15 SilentKno: Have a spooktacular Halloween 09:15 lie4karma: https://www.reddit.com/r/relationship_advice/comments/9ssq42/35m_my_fiancee_of_3_years_33f_hid_her_past_in_sex/ 09:17 sagacious: lie4karma, ! 09:17 sagacious: You survived! 09:17 Requit: It was yes 09:18 lie4karma: lol I messaged you yesterday 09:18 lie4karma: to send me a video 09:18 lie4karma: LOL 09:18 sagacious: I definitely missed it 09:18 sagacious: They're just getting worse 09:18 sagacious: It keeps suggesting me spanish car videos. 09:19 lie4karma: i think I found out why 09:19 lie4karma: it all hinges on them shutting down youtube two weeks ago 09:20 sagacious: did we all die and we're in a collective death hallucination? 09:20 sagacious: because I kinda hope so 09:20 SilentKno: the fact that I didn't really care, did that impact them? 09:20 lie4karma: i think google plus was built into youtube recommendations 09:20 lie4karma: when they finally closed it down due to the leaks.... 09:20 sagacious: did you accidentally a youtube instead of g+ 09:21 SilentKno: I hope there was a collective, oh good Youtube is down 09:21 sagacious: but that would make a lot of sense 09:21 lie4karma: something fucked up with the algorithms 09:21 sagacious: I was one of the few people who liked G+. I was also a huge Ingress player. 09:21 SilentKno: what was on G+ to like? 09:21 SilentKno: it was a nothing burger 09:21 sagacious: A lot of tech people and shit actually 09:21 sagacious: Actual discussions 09:22 sagacious: You kinda had to find them though 09:22 lie4karma: it was a something burger to me 09:22 SilentKno: tech people are everywhere 09:22 lie4karma: since it made youtube work 09:22 SilentKno: odd claim, go on 09:22 SilentKno: how did youtube not work 09:23 sagacious: Have you seen suggestions lately? 09:23 SilentKno: no 09:23 lie4karma: ^ 09:23 SilentKno: I wouldn't listen to them 09:23 lie4karma: lol log on and see what it recommends to you 09:23 BasketOfG: i actually get good suggestions 09:23 sagacious: ^ 09:23 sagacious: lie4karma and I used to! 09:23 sagacious: Maybe it's because we're in Canada...? 09:23 BasketOfG: very, very frequently I clock on videos in the top recommended section 09:23 sagacious: Same! Or at least I used to 09:24 lie4karma: log on now and see 09:24 BasketOfG: i have never marked a video not interested, and I don't thumbs up/down 09:24 lie4karma: they recommend videos I JUST told them I watched. 09:24 lie4karma: not interested doesnt actually work 09:24 lie4karma: its like the close door button on an elevator 09:24 SilentKno: I don't have any vine video recommendations so that's good 09:24 BasketOfG: lie4karma: it's possible your model is polluted or underfit due to one-sided data 09:25 lie4karma: no 09:25 lie4karma: i cleared my data 09:25 sagacious: SilentKnob, https://screenshots.firefox.com/zZNeCjpKiGXNgqEx/www.youtube.com 09:25 lie4karma: like all of it 09:25 lie4karma: trying to fix it 09:25 BasketOfG: are you able to do that? 09:26 lie4karma: yea 09:26 sagacious: out of the 5 things I did not cross out, I've already seen 4 of them. 09:26 lie4karma: go to library then history then delete all 09:26 lie4karma: and then also remember to go to the recorded search history and clear that as well 09:26 sagacious: BasketOfGrapes, https://www.youtube.com/feed/history 09:26 BasketOfG: that deletes watch history, not videos you marked not interested (I assume) 09:26 SilentKno: I have a hunch you're spending too much time on the internet lie4karma 09:27 BasketOfG: also, it might have to do with the way youtube marks videos "watched" 09:27 BasketOfG: a lot of videos have promotion crap at the end of them and i never watch them through 09:27 lie4karma: i spend all my time on the internet SilentKnob 09:27 lie4karma: oh yea BasketOfGrapes sorry i missunderstood what you asked 09:27 lie4karma: the not interested button does not work 09:28 BasketOfG: lie4karma: i am saying that it's possible by marking too many videos not interested you might have an underfit recommendations model 09:28 lie4karma: na https://www.reddit.com/r/youtube/comments/8kone7/my_not_interest_button_is_literally_a_dud_and_i/ 09:28 lie4karma: its never really worked 09:29 lie4karma: [-]conphucius 1 point 16 days ago 09:29 lie4karma: blocking a channel does nothing to it showing up in recommended, the only thing it does is stop them posting on your content and you posting comments on their content 09:29 lie4karma: 09:29 lie4karma: the same bullshit channels will appear even if 'blocked' 09:29 lie4karma: lol wtf 09:29 BasketOfG: wow that sucks 09:29 lie4karma: why would they recommend videos from channels that you have fucking blocked! 09:29 sagacious: seriously 09:29 lie4karma: or premium videos to someone who doesnt have premium 09:30 sagacious: lie4karma, or to us in canada which can't even fucking subscribe to it! 09:30 lie4karma: someone would make billions if they made a youtube that worked 09:30 lie4karma: or even an add on 09:30 lie4karma: like stumbleupon 09:30 lie4karma: import watch history and subs and recommend videos based on that 09:31 sagacious: god I miss stumble 09:31 BasketOfG: my daily watch average on youtube is 5 hours, and i never give likes, dislikes, or not interested 09:31 lie4karma: me too 09:31 BasketOfG: and i get good recommendations 09:31 BasketOfG: so it must be a difference in the way we use it 09:31 BasketOfG: i watch a lot of science channels 09:31 BasketOfG: youtube just wasn't made for your kind lie4karma lol 09:32 SeraphOfH: holy fug where does PeenWeinerstein find all these Australians? That guy who calls in wtf... 09:32 sagacious: SeraphOfHate, jesus christ. 09:32 sagacious: SeraphOfHate, did I shill the forums to you yet 09:32 sagacious: I think I did 09:32 SeraphOfH: Yep I have posted many times already 09:32 sagacious: lie4karma, I cleared my watch/search history and now it's just suggesting channels I already subscribe to 09:33 sagacious: SeraphOfHate, yes you have 09:33 sagacious: My bad 09:33 sagacious: lie4karma, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=puzuqS1D2Lc 09:33 SeraphOfH: np 09:33 SeraphOfH: but that guy with the meet an inmate stuffs whoa 09:33 sagacious: dude worked on the past two titanfall games and shit, rest of his animation videos are pretty great too 09:34 pint: 09:34 sagacious: oh hi pint 09:34 JebidiahK: welcum hom pint 09:34 pint: lol 09:34 pint: Still doing boat stuff 09:36 sagacious: what is 'boat stuff 09:36 sagacious: like dexter "boat stuff"? 09:37 pint: Similar. But different. 09:37 pint: It's like butt stuff. But boat stuff. 09:37 sagacious: This just raises further questions. 09:37 pint: I got to intercept a Tu-95 day before yesterday. 09:37 pint: Bear Force One. 09:37 SeraphOfH: Oh my fucking god 09:38 SeraphOfH: I hear distinct Indian mumbling outside my door 09:38 sagacious: SeraphOfHate, start screaming 09:38 SeraphOfH: they are moving next door from me 09:38 SeraphOfH: FUCK! 09:38 SeraphOfH: All my stuff is gonna smell like curry now 09:38 BasketOfG: SeraphOfHate: now you're gonna be smelling curry 24/7 09:38 BasketOfG: lol 09:38 sagacious: SeraphOfHate, make it smell like piss instead 09:39 sagacious: Just start collecting male street cats that are still intact 09:40 sagacious: stuff them into open windows, run away, ????, profit! 09:40 SeraphOfH: I'll stuff them into ovens 09:40 SeraphOfH: Fuck if they start yelling all the time I'm gonna legitimately murder every and each one of them 09:41 sagacious: https://twitter.com/DarkRazorZ/status/1057498244392120322 Would you eat this? 09:42 SeraphOfH: energy ham lol 09:42 sagacious: 0g of sugar 09:43 sagacious: up to 150mg caffeine per slice 09:43 sagacious: that sounds like a good way to OD 09:44 SeraphOfH: why would anyone buy that 09:44 sagacious: Why would anyone make it in the first place?! 09:44 lie4karma: BasketOfGrapes: you mean I should sue youtube for discrimination and targeted harassment? 09:44 Requit: Because caffeine is tasteless 09:44 SeraphOfH: some meathead gym bros probably will tho 09:44 Requit: and hella cheap 09:46 sagacious: Requit, also an incredibly painful way to die 09:46 lie4karma: https://i.imgur.com/bVp0NKe.jpg 09:48 sagacious: imagine how much they spent on that horseshit 09:49 sagacious: I would rather have a secure seat belt than one that's a funny colour to get imaginary brownie points 09:55 Fire_Miss: lie4karma: that's awesome 09:59 BasketOfG: fuck ed got booted by their hosting provider 09:59 Fire_Miss: damn 10:00 BasketOfG: they have a plan b i guess 10:00 BasketOfG: i would hope a site like that has dual replicating DBs on different hosts and has a third provider for the frontend 10:07 Fire_Miss: i wouldn't think that they'd be so retarded as to not have redundancies somewhere set up 10:11 SilentKnob: people are real stupid Fire_Missionary 10:12 Fire_Miss: yeah you're right. assuming people are less retarded because it's the x'th time that it's happened and any reasonable person would have found a solution after the first time it happened... 10:16 Norseman: http://imgur.com/gallery/Nor2nz5 10:19 fishmunst: Norseman: your pumpkin looks like shit 10:19 Norseman: Ikr 10:19 fishmunst: did your kids make that? 10:20 Norseman: Yup 10:20 fishmunst: are they alright? 10:22 AndOR: cute 10:22 AndOR: !k Norseman 10:23 vemundvei: damn american cultural imperialism ruining our nation's youth with endorcement of wichcraft 10:24 fishmunst: pumpkin carving is the first step to selling your soul to the corporations 10:24 fishmunst: thats why i never do it 10:24 Fire_Miss: we should start up some type of 'haloween is cultural appropriation and anyone who celebrates it is a sexist bigot' campaign 10:24 AndOR: i thought halloween was druidic 10:24 fishmunst: it probably is 10:24 fishmunst: so is easter 10:25 fishmunst: this is great https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Us-TVg40ExM 10:25 Fire_Miss: best part about it is dressing up as a decoration in the yard and scaring the shit out of people when they come for free candy 10:25 retardbit: nhue reddit pots: https://old.reddit.com/r/TheDickShow/comments/9t0a3a/battle_of_sanctions/ 10:27 fishmunst: in that video i linked, from what i understand, they recorded the first guy singing the song, then went around asked all sorts of street preformerrs around the world to lay their on stuff down on top of the song 10:28 Norseman: Halloween comes from Samhain. 10:29 fishmunst: and thats why Elvenmonk is probably a serial killer 10:29 Elvenmonk: probably? man I need to kill more 10:29 BasketOfG: compelling 10:30 Elvenmonk: You have 10 dead hookers in a storage container and they still don't think you're a serial killer 10:30 BasketOfG: well who's going to miss a hooker? 10:30 AndOR: public vaginas btfo 10:30 Elvenmonk: clown hookera 10:30 fishmunst: as peter griffin once said, theres no point in killing strippers since they are already dead on the inside 10:31 fishmunst: i assume that translates to hookers as well 10:32 Elvenmonk: damn 10:32 Elvenmonk: time to go after polygamous people 10:33 fishmunst: ohh shit 10:33 Norseman: Elvenmonk: don't kill too many. You'll be drifting into "mass-murderer". 10:33 Elvenmonk: That's like a serial killers wet dream 10:34 Norseman: the daily shoah 10:34 Elvenmonk: to be honest, I just want to be the next Hitler. however instead of Jews it's the entirety of south America and the Middle East 10:34 fishmunst: i think to be a mass murderer, you need to kill em all at once 10:35 Elvenmonk: and half of central America 10:36 Norseman: Elvenmonk wants to be Thanos. 10:37 Elvenmonk: No. I just want to get rid of the problems 10:37 MomentOfX: aciou: https://www.reddit.com/r/TheDickShow/comments/9sxsol/dick_thats_why_you_should_never_have_kiwis_on/e8sp1ht/?context=1 10:37 MomentOfX: rite 10:37 Elvenmonk: but leave the blacks so we have someone to manipulate 10:42 SeraphOfH: Fuck this dude calling in who asked if MABTW was not satire 10:42 SeraphOfH: He is fucked in the head m8 cunt 10:42 BasketOfG: he 100% needs to get off the internet 10:42 SeraphOfH: Ciggy butt brain 10:42 BasketOfG: he is too stupid to use it properly 10:42 Norseman: he needs to get off life. 10:44 SeraphOfH: He is pretty stupid and depressed obviously 10:47 Norseman: maybe he needs to get into new age hippie stuff 10:49 SeraphOfH: "But this is your opinion tho" https://i.imgur.com/jO2s3th.png 10:53 waut3r: SeraphOfHate he turned out to be the guy that was harassing and threatening women online and over the phone, right? 10:54 BasketOfG: waut3r: yes 10:54 SeraphOfH: idk I'm not finished with his part yet 10:54 BasketOfG: there's one of those "who called me" sites with dozens of reports 10:54 BasketOfG: and then he decided to jump in and start threatening people there too 10:55 SeraphOfH: I actually had to pause during that call couple of times and think 10:55 BasketOfG: and you did more thinking in that time than this guy did in his entire life SeraphOfHate 10:56 SeraphOfH: probably 10:56 SeraphOfH: I could spot couple of things during that call 10:57 SeraphOfH: complete lack of self awareness 10:57 SeraphOfH: lack of empathy 10:58 SeraphOfH: inability to understand jokes 11:00 gooch1nin: gayness 11:00 BasketOfG: MomentOfXen: did automod get this? https://www.reddit.com/r/TheDickShow/comments/9t04n2/the_reddit_news_segment_did_it_seem_a_bit_boring/ 11:01 SeraphOfH: sometimes his pattern of speech reminds me of Harmful Opinions 11:01 SeraphOfH: the way his stutter is 11:05 & aciou: MomentOfXen: how dare you 11:05 Norseman: "Daddy smells permanent marker" 11:05 BasketOfG: the fb group is calling you moderators pussies for removing the thread 11:06 Norseman: Reddit news? 11:06 Norseman: is Hazencruz involved? 11:09 MomentOfX: all ops posts are autoremoved because he's sitting at -70 karma 11:09 MomentOfX: and suck it aciou 11:09 Norseman: I'm downvoting Haz just in case. 11:10 retardbit: nu rebbit pawst: https://old.reddit.com/r/TheDickShow/comments/9t0q5t/streamed_about_free_speech_last_night_dick/ 11:12 SeraphOfH: HAHAHAH pornstar calling someone else's life piss stained 11:13 SeraphOfH: lmao 11:14 BasketOfG: MomentOfXen: figured 11:14 MomentOfX: i assume the complaining is in discord BasketOfGrapes? be sure to pass along that his post is fine, but he is garbage, try to suck less at posting 11:14 BasketOfG: MomentOfXen: close, on facebook 11:15 BasketOfG: i browse it once in a while 11:16 MomentOfX: looked for it but didnt see it 11:17 & aciou: MomentOfXen: i let through his comments from the other thread because people were talking in that one before his karma got nuked 11:17 & aciou: not this one though 11:17 & aciou: especially since he's doing it just for teh lulz trololo 11:17 MomentOfX: yep thats the point of the karma threshhold lol 11:17 SeraphOfH: lol this pornstar stuff fucking hell 11:18 SeraphOfH: just where do these kinds of people come from 11:19 Norseman: plz 11:20 Norseman: no excessive spolint 11:20 SeraphOfH: god bless America 11:22 SeraphOfH: it was Karla Kush or smth? 11:23 Norseman: something like that 11:23 Norseman: I saw it on twitter 11:23 SeraphOfH: I think I have watched a VR porn with her in it 11:24 SeraphOfH: it was not very good porno 11:25 SeraphOfH: basic mainstream cuckery porno 11:26 SeraphOfH: you know the type where the guy is always a pussy 11:26 SeraphOfH: don't talk to me like that woman 11:27 SeraphOfH: it's not femdom but more subtle 11:30 SeraphOfH: "hihihi boy you're so fucking lucky I'm letting you fuck me" 11:31 SeraphOfH: bitch you're lucky I didn't have to rape you 11:34 Norseman: why would you wanna do that though? 11:41 & aciou: sagaciouszu: that page dick linked about spergy kiwi, is there a way to view that article? 11:41 & aciou: i can't 11:49 couture: omg. what was with the lonely aussie last episode? I'm surprised they didn't hang up on him sooner! 11:49 couture: i lol'd pretty hard when sean sighed, and dick was like, 'Yeah, you done Sean?'. 11:51 couture: i've run into guys like that in real life. They're hard to get away from, beause they can't figure out social cues. 11:51 & aciou: couture: the dude's an actual maniac though 11:51 & aciou: https://twitter.com/imwithdick/status/1057343644389171200 11:51 & aciou: apparently 11:51 & aciou: i can't read the article though 11:51 couture: i read it as manic 11:51 couture: which makes more sense to me 11:52 & aciou: then you need to read more about him 11:52 couture: nah, i'm staying off the internet. 11:52 couture: this is actually my ai 11:52 couture: anyway, that's funny shit. 11:54 couture: https://www.reverseaustralia.com/lookup/0466246661/ 11:54 couture: omg. >christopher francis mccarty is short fat with beady shapless little eyes and a very ugly pedophilic looking appearance 11:54 couture: ha 11:55 couture: jesus christ. there are sites where you can reverse lookup a person and see comments about you? 11:55 retardbit: nwe rebbit pst: https://old.reddit.com/r/TheDickShow/comments/9t14ga/burn_court_episode_3_ponette_vs_christopher_old/ 11:55 couture: I remember hearing about some cunt in california trying to make a facebook like that. 11:56 couture: the whole point of the site was to basically catalogue people to have social points for shit. 11:56 couture: everyone predicted it to be a dumping ground where people would just use it to slander. 11:59 nathias: yea thats a goldmine 11:59 GADtheRAD: https://i.redd.it/mrlcgy1j9iv11.jpg 11:59 nathias: free 2 slander 12:00 nathias: paid removal 12:00 GADtheRAD: What are you all doing for all hallows eve? 12:00 couture: does it actually exist? i wasn't sure it would actually get any VC backing 12:00 gooch1nin: im not giving any candy to the nazi kids 12:00 nathias: i think they are developing it 12:00 couture: oh man, so i was in the hallowween popup store in town 12:01 nathias: or someone else will 12:01 couture: and couldn't stop laughing after overharing this lady's converstation: 12:01 couture: where she was complaining to her husband, tryign to find a costume for someone, maybe her kid and thought that a pirate costume would a good idea 12:02 couture: but wasn't sure if someone would complain that 'at some point priates enslaved someone' and therefore would probaly get their kid kicked out for the day 12:02 lie4karma: sagaciouszu: i need something to watch ... STAT 12:05 mohater: GADtheRAD: what's with the ben and jerry pic? 12:06 mohater: you don't like secular jews who make ice cream?? 12:07 couture: the flavour doesn't sound tastey 12:07 couture: i'm not sure what fear sweat tastes like, and i'm not sur ehow they captured it in ice cream 12:07 lie4karma: what do you mean... roasted jew is like a classic flavor profile.... 12:07 GADtheRAD: RESIST ICE CREAM 12:07 son_of_a_: SANCTIONS ARE HERE 12:07 lie4karma: its huge in germany 12:08 lie4karma: son_of_a_rage: ? 12:08 couture: yeah, it sounds like 'resist rape' ice cream. so i'd like to know how they captured that flavour. 12:09 couture: though i can imagine it's some kind a 'fuck drumpf, am i rite?' sentiment. 12:09 couture: first i've seen it. 12:09 mohater: he will not separate us 12:09 GADtheRAD: ID BOYCOTT BEN AND JERRIES BUT I ALREADY DON'T BUY THEIR OVERPRICED SHITTY ICE CREAM 12:09 son_of_a_: !LOUDERQUOTE 12:09 GADtheRAD: Its like fucking 20 bucks for a tiny thing 12:10 retardbit: nhue reddit ebic: https://old.reddit.com/r/TheDickShow/comments/9t19h8/dick_has_large_and_juicy_wiener_confirmed/ 12:11 GADtheRAD: Also Linda Sarsour is in that 12:11 GADtheRAD: Did she get her husbands permission? 12:13 GADtheRAD: !q 12:13 retardbit: #3025 - < asno_> My meat has smoke flavor without burning the fuck out of it 12:15 asno_: Fuck you I'll burn it if I want 12:22 MomentOfX: heheh https://politics.theonion.com/midterms-2018-key-house-races-to-watch-1830130385 12:22 MomentOfX: LOL my race: "Incumbent Republican Paulsen has been notably critical of Donald Trump and wrote in Marco Rubio for president in 2016, though it's unclear why he thinks that's something to be proud of." 12:22 lie4karma: Democrat McGrath, the first woman to fly F-18 combat missions for the Marine Corps, is somehow in a tight race with incumbent Republican Andy Barr, who has never even once killed for his country. 12:25 Norseman: Jeez... I had to skip the cringefest aussie kiwi looking for an inmate. 12:25 lie4karma: Democrats hope to stave off the challenge by the former federal law enforcement officer and CIA operative funded by real estate interests who...wait, that's the Democrat? Christ. Why are they so bad at this? 12:25 MomentOfX: hey me too norse 12:25 Norseman: Tnx 12:31 GabrahamS: I'm still trying to figure out how to connect to this server with hexchat 12:31 MomentOfX: step one: blow me 12:32 GabrahamS: Ok done now what 12:32 GabrahamS: I figured it out, I had to enable SSL 12:32 GabrahamS: Anyways I'm here to shill again 12:33 GabrahamS: For anyone who wanted to listen to Ponette and Christopher fight (or rather Christopher explain calmly to us why harassing people is totally tubular as long as they said something mean about you) here it is: https://soundcloud.com/user-932932829/ponette-vs-christopher 12:33 GabrahamS: Oh also he'll harass you if you don't respond quickly 12:34 GabrahamS: FUCKING THOTS 12:34 son_of_a_: FUCKING 12:36 couture: kek. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8MDloYcAJmg 12:38 Requit: Dude you should be able to harass anyone you want 12:38 Requit: This is America 12:38 Requit: Freedom of speech means freedom of harassment 12:39 GADtheRAD: Requit: you doing NPC things tonight? 12:39 Requit: Same ones I do every night 12:41 & aciou: try to take over the world 12:41 couture: jesus christ. that guy on tour or what. 12:41 GADtheRAD: GabrahamSandwich: that guy has major autism 12:44 MomentOfX: google should have an inbox that you can send messages to in order to help them advertise to you 12:44 MomentOfX: so i can tell them im already married so stop spamming me with all this fucking marriage shit 12:44 MomentOfX: "you searched for car rentals in california three months ago, wanna go again?" eat shit 12:44 GADtheRAD: Get married again 12:45 couture: you want some family court laywers so you can get married again? 12:47 MomentOfX: advertising managers seem incredibly bad at their job 12:47 MomentOfX: PSVue and Amazon Prime's NFL broadcasts each have big gaps where there just aren't any commercials, its just dead air 12:47 MomentOfX: how do you not manage to sell ad spots 12:47 MomentOfX: pizza hut will fill any spot on television for a grand 12:48 couture: ha, so chris is out on bail 12:48 couture: why am i listening to this, holy shit, 4 hours. 12:51 PeenWeine: GabrahamSandwich: this is fucking wild 12:52 Norseman: hey it's GADtheRAD 12:52 Norseman: syr 12:52 Norseman: sry* 12:52 Norseman: hey it's GabrahamSandwich 12:53 GabrahamS: Hey it's just me, Gabe Newell 12:53 GabrahamS: Yeah PeenWeinerstein he's out of his fucking mind. 12:54 GabrahamS: I'm still working up to the part of TDS where you talk to him, I wonder if he elaborated on any of this shit 12:55 GabrahamS: He kept asking Dr. Nurse "so do you think I should break things off with this inmate from Texas?" over and over again and compulsively needed to talk to her 12:55 PeenWeine: Lol GabrahamSandwich "I don't want to put this out here and have people call you a fag." 12:55 GADtheRAD: That guy is mentally ill for sure 12:55 GabrahamS: HAHAHA 12:55 son_of_a_: HE NAMED HIS YOUTUBE CHANNEL AFTER HIS BOOK? WHAT THE FUCK 12:55 GabrahamS: Yeah things change don't they. 12:56 Norseman: TIL Russell Brand kinda looks like Dick and also played Dick in the movie "What about Dick?" from 2012. 12:58 GabrahamS: Oh I totally fucking forgot that he believes in the whole Dick Masterson persona holy shit 13:00 Norseman: That really made me think "Ok, this is a nutter" 13:01 MomentOfX: any internet traffic autists 13:01 MomentOfX: https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/HjQIuqn3/Capture.PNG 13:02 MomentOfX: why do you think madcast has an abnormally high referral visit rate 13:02 Norseman: SEO ? 13:02 Norseman: 13:03 couture: PeenWeinerstein: could you guys tell from the moment Chris started talking that he wasn't all there? I could hear Sean audibly get tired of him, which gave me second-hand embarrasment for the guy, for some reason 13:03 PeenWeine: MomentOfXen: I use Cloudflare. Could be why 13:04 krimcl: I could tell he wasn't all there after talking to him in text on discord for 2 minutes 13:05 MomentOfX: so that just makes your referral count lower than average? nuts 13:05 couture: Yea, he reminded me of a few people i've run into in real life. it's one of those things where you have a hard time shaking them off 13:05 MomentOfX: i hope everything is fuckery 13:07 lie4karma: because we keep linking it MomentOfXen? 13:07 MomentOfX: not to madcast 13:07 lie4karma: kinda looks like dick lost there 13:08 lie4karma: 3-2 for maddox 13:08 MomentOfX: https://www.similarweb.com/website/thedickshow.com?competitors=madcastmedia.com 13:08 MomentOfX: madcast is so bad its rankings dont even show up anymore 13:08 MomentOfX: lol 13:08 JebidiahK: this is all desktop traffic which is what percentage of traffic lmoa 13:08 MomentOfX: er, engagement 13:08 JebidiahK: plus pull up the alexa ratings 13:10 BasketOfG: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heh_(god) 13:10 JebidiahK: lie4karma: MomentOfXen https://i.imgur.com/zbGtsa2.png 13:10 GabrahamS: PeenWeinerstein: I already kind of knew he had some problems from the start, just didn't know how much. As soon as I heard that he thought vaccines caused autism I knew he was going to get destroyed. 13:11 lie4karma: 13:11 lie4karma: he didnt vaccinate him did he... poor child 13:11 GabrahamS: I thought he was just some lonely guy when I heard his email read on the show but once he started shit with Ponette it was pretty obvious that he's got some deep problems 13:12 krimcl: He opened with cutting fingers off and didn't read as remotely edgy 13:12 MomentOfX: i wonder what those big craters are on madcasts graph 13:12 Silverfis: Mornin gents 13:13 GabrahamS: Hey 13:13 Norseman: good evening Silverfish 13:13 Silverfis: It's technically afternoon here, my sleep is just fuucked. 13:13 Silverfis: 13:14 gooch1nin: autism caused vaccines 13:14 lie4karma: lol good your future ex wife will be use to sleeping until 2 13:14 Silverfis: oh fuuuuck it's that mean bully lie4karma! 13:15 MomentOfX: im gonna give my kids extra vaccines and give them super autism until they are a savant 13:15 Silverfis: WELL I'M NO HALLOWEENIE 13:15 son_of_a_: HUGH MUNGUS WOT 13:15 * Silverfish chucks pumpkin towards Canada. 13:15 SilentKno: IZZAT SEXUAL HARRASSMENT 13:15 son_of_a_: ALSO DO YOUR KEGALS, FLEX THOSE TUBES 13:15 Silverfis: Take that ya leaf. 13:15 Lusos: fucking hell. just got back from my drive and that prison inmate guy had mental issues 13:15 lie4karma: under 10% of idiots are idiot savants 13:15 Lusos: like, unironic, unfunny mental issues 13:15 Silverfis: Drive? Inmates? 13:15 SilentKno: yea, we all agree on that Lusos 13:15 Silverfis: You picking up road tail bruh? 13:15 SilentKno: it got weirder 13:15 Silverfis: Oh that prison guy, from the show. 13:15 Silverfis: Yeah he's weird as fuck 13:15 SilentKno: he's apparently a convicted stalker 13:16 Lusos: Peenweinerstein you did well on WATP. KArl got a bit of a fanboyu crush and made the show go on a bit, but he doesn't get famous folks on often 13:16 Lusos: Silverfish nah had to get down to LA and check out a facility this morning 13:16 Lusos: LA = Lower Alabama 13:17 SilentKno: thanks lowbama 13:17 MomentOfX: ima gonna make watp a sub, seems like a good pod 13:17 Silverfis: Gotcha 13:17 Lusos: send me an invite for mod if you do. Been listening for a long time. great show 13:17 SilentKno: I like that it's short 13:17 Lusos: definitely tons of long term potential 13:18 GabrahamS: I really do think he will hurt someone eventually. He has a long history of harassing women online. 13:18 GabrahamS: And he's in legal trouble for doing it. 13:18 GabrahamS: Apparently he was ordered to stay off of the internet. 13:18 Silverfis: Prison letters to women halfway across the globe is probably the least harm he can do. 13:18 Silverfis: Especially if he's cheap af 13:18 GabrahamS: We should unite them. In prison. 13:18 Silverfis: ya 13:19 Lusos: I feel like that jail date caller probably had some underlying mental issues but combining that with sitting at home unemployed for -x- years pressing F5 has toasted his brains 13:19 Norseman: I still want a piece of Shaquoandana 13:19 Lusos: no doubt the TDS call in is the first actual conversation he's had in probably 6 months 13:19 Lusos: we should send him some mental health 13:20 fishmunst: yeah, hes got aspergers, according to the news article about his convictions 13:20 Norseman: Shaquandalond* 13:20 Lusos: I think dick did well enough, though he did go back near the end for a few bites of fun lol 13:20 Lusos: Norseman please do not disrespect my sister in law by misspelling her name. 13:20 Norseman: http://jailbabes.com/shaquandalond-1999583.html 13:20 fishmunst: "im gonna cut off your fingers" 13:20 Lusos: We love her alot 13:21 Lusos: honestly from his call-in you're just watching 21st century Darwinism in action. If he does not adapt and overcome, he is most likely not going to pass on his genes 13:21 Silverfis: Is she related to the based black 16 year old bride? 13:21 Lusos: which is good for everyone 13:21 fishmunst: yep exaxtly 13:22 BasketOfG: wish me luck, about to go in and cough for my doctor 13:22 Lusos: wait and also aren't hookers legal in OZ? HE should be getting laid quite easily 13:23 BasketOfG: getting laid != reproducing 13:23 BasketOfG: any respectable hooker would abort 13:23 Norseman: reminds me of a story I read on imgur today 13:24 Norseman: https://imgur.com/gallery/7V1M04P 13:25 Silverfis: lol what is this Norseman 13:25 Silverfis: It's great 13:28 Silverfis: 'My step father was lik ethe Santa of the hood' 13:29 Norseman: It's a sad and nice story 13:35 Norseman: OH, and speaking of Makaveli. Some dude named Makaveli actually got arrested for murder here the other day. 13:35 Silverfis: That's not very princely. 13:36 Silverfis: I should read The Prince at some point. Sucks about the murder tho... 13:36 Norseman: Nah. Some said he lost his mind doing too much Spice 13:36 Silverfis: Makes sense. 13:36 Silverfis: Happy Halloween btw I'm dying: https://youtu.be/-YbncDp2y2Q?t=296 13:37 Norseman: escaped the country and got picked up by french special forces 13:37 Silverfis: In France? Or where'd he get picked up 13:37 Silverfis: That's INTERPOL right? 13:37 Norseman: in france 13:37 Norseman: they tracked his phone, that dumb bastard 13:37 JebidiahK: salam fellow pocs. see ya 13:37 fishmunst: pingtrip is great 13:38 Silverfis: yea man 13:44 Norseman: https://i.imgur.com/89KRvbp.jpg 13:44 fishmunst: hahaha 13:45 fishmunst: thats terrible and i chuckled alot Norseman 13:45 Silverfis: Same 13:45 Silverfis: Dadjoke confirmed, but I like those now. 13:46 ChikOfDes: Herroh eberione 13:46 fishmunst: hello 13:46 Silverfis: Hey ChikOfDestiny 13:46 Silverfis: You going hard on Halloween tonight? 13:46 ChikOfDes: YES 13:46 ChikOfDes: All my Halloween dreams are about to come true. 13:47 Silverfis: oh shit 13:47 Silverfis: how so? 13:47 fishmunst: going to wear your texan ghost costume and burn lower case t's on peoples lawns? 13:47 ChikOfDes: Dressing up as frank N Furter and going to the best RHPS midnight double feature in the country 13:48 Silverfis: there's one of those in Raleigh. they make the virgins get up and dance and all that. Never been myself. 13:48 Silverfis: Sounds fun 13:48 fishmunst: do they just play the movie twice? 13:48 Silverfis: there's an old bridge that used to be a driving bridge for a small town, but the county built a bigger one that everyone uses 13:48 Norseman: ChikOfDestiny: what... no sexy nurse outfit? 13:49 Silverfis: So it's now a pedestrian footbridge. Anyway, that little community gets all their jackolanters and puts them out on the bridge and you can walk across and peep like 100s of pumpkins 13:49 Silverfis: That's what we're doing. 13:49 fishmunst: Norseman: Frank N Furter is very dominatrix like 13:49 Silverfis: Simple, easy, good parking I hope. 13:49 Silverfis: lol 13:49 ChikOfDes: Fnf will be sexy don't worry 13:49 fishmunst: black leather and stockings and corsets and stuff 13:49 Norseman: I'm not sire 13:49 Norseman: sure* 13:50 MomentOfX: im going as slutty slut 13:50 fishmunst: youre supposed to dress up MomentOfXen 13:51 fishmunst: youre one of those faggots that goe dressed as themselves 13:51 MomentOfX: dont give me that shit if nurses can go out in scrubs this is fine 13:52 ChikOfDes: My other costume wasn't much of a costume 13:52 fishmunst: any of you guys watch the 90's xmen cartoon? 13:52 fishmunst: what was the costume? 13:53 Norseman: RDR2 looks fucked up 13:53 ChikOfDes: Christina riccis character from fear and loathing 13:53 fishmunst: what was her character from fear and loathing? 13:53 fishmunst: and why is that Norseman 13:53 Norseman: all the animals must have grown up in Chernobyl or something 13:53 Norseman: agressive as fuck 13:54 ChikOfDes: The chick who painted all day and was being fed lsd so she'd stay in the rape dungeon 13:54 fishmunst: nah, only been killed by wolves a few times in that game. in the first one, you hear a cougar growl you were dead instantly 13:54 fishmunst: ChikOfDestiny: jesus, dont remember that part 13:55 Norseman: https://imgur.com/gallery/T4PORsk 13:55 fishmunst: one of my buddies dressed as dr. gonzo one year and walked around with a briefcase full of whiskey 13:56 fishmunst: Norseman: hahaha yeah, i saw that 13:56 fishmunst: happens sometimes 13:57 fishmunst: i was travelling full speed with a passenger on the back of the horse and i wasnt paying attention and crashed into a tree. horse and I fell over, but the passenger got launched super hard into another tree a good 30 feet away and died on impact 13:57 fishmunst: 10/10 would do again 13:58 fishmunst: ChikOfDestiny: yeah, you would wind up explaining your costume all night if you went with the fear and loathing one 13:59 ChikOfDes: I already did that one. I made some of the paintings 14:05 mohater: https://www.foxnews.com/world/russian-security-offices-targeted-by-17-year-old-mystery-bomber 14:08 fishmunst: oh man 14:08 fishmunst: the released a teaser of henry cavill in the witcher 14:08 fishmunst: looks terrible 14:10 fishmunst: MomentOfXen: how is the voting? 14:11 MomentOfX: CC, Bob, Lpup and Hazencruz will be the winners barring some big brigade 14:11 fishmunst: ah fucking gay 14:11 fishmunst: chaos cowboy is going to be right and he wins 14:12 fishmunst: you should ban all 4 of em though 14:13 Norseman: who did the reddit news? 14:13 fishmunst: i dont know 14:13 MomentOfX: was there one? lol 14:14 fishmunst: saw a facebook post though "look at this humorless fucks responding to my trolling" lololo pay attention to me reddit sucks 14:14 MomentOfX: yeah he just got autoremoved 14:14 Norseman: ... it's on this weeks ep... 14:14 MomentOfX: must've missed it 14:15 fishmunst: he wasnt bitching about being removed, dont think it had happened at that point 14:15 fishmunst: MomentOfXen: it was right after facebook news 14:15 Norseman: and it was better than feared 14:16 Fire_Miss: so who is making the 'irc news' bit? 14:16 Fire_Miss: because that would be stupid 14:17 gooch1nin: chaos cowboy best tds poster 14:17 fishmunst: 75 people spent all last week calling each other faggots and ranting about the globalist conspiracy 14:17 MomentOfX: i was really hoping for dustin to win 14:17 Heads_Up: here's the IRC news for the last couple of days 14:17 MomentOfX: not sure hazencruz stands a chance against cc 14:17 fishmunst: yeah, i do enjoy chaos cowboy 14:17 Heads_Up: Abein is still in jail after the CIA niggers got him 14:17 Heads_Up: that is all 14:17 fishmunst: hahahaa 14:18 MomentOfX: he said he was going to update us somewhat recently 14:18 Vaquero: you know what makes me a rage, retards who say ï cant wake up early or get up in the morning" 14:18 Heads_Up: actually 14:18 Vaquero: wtf do you mean, just get out of bed 14:18 Heads_Up: the IRC news just being made up stories about Abein would be pretty fucking funny 14:19 Fire_Miss: Vaquero: #millenialproblems 14:19 MomentOfX: why make anything up 14:19 MomentOfX: pull his logs and state the things hes actually said 14:19 fishmunst: ahahaha https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hzc5VHL1bPM 14:20 Vaquero: Fire_Missionary: fucking millenials can take hundreds of photos every time they need a new profile pic but getting up before 10am is impossible 14:20 Vaquero: BURN THEM ALL 14:20 son_of_a_: DROWN ALL SINGLE MOMS 14:20 Vaquero: ^soar gets it 14:20 Fire_Miss: gives me hope for the next gen of kids who see how retarded the millenials are on average 14:21 Vaquero: well the next generation will still be trying to figure what gender they are so i have no hope for them 14:21 SeraphOfH: lol https://twitter.com/DrPhil/status/1057332213904158720 14:21 Fire_Miss: Vaquero: o 14:21 Fire_Miss: fuck... 14:21 gooch1nin: hurr durr millenials 14:21 Fire_Miss: i think it's more the millenials going thru their midlife crises being the majority of the transfaggots 14:22 gooch1nin: gen X is maybe the most retarded generation we had. imagine idolizing kurt fucking cobain and wondering why your kids are retarded 14:23 MomentOfX: lol dick's twitter got restricted again for that maddox post 14:23 waut3r: I don't really care about millennials and I don't know why people are that bothered with them. Of course I'm a millennial 14:23 Fire_Miss: also tangentially related, black panther being the headline costume of the season? 14:24 waut3r: Never watched 14:24 Fire_Miss: i mean, he is dead atm via the movies, so i guess a black zombie dude would make a good costume 14:24 MomentOfX: i wish they didnt get dusted 14:24 gooch1nin: anyone complaining about millennials is deflecting from the fact that they either spent or watched boomers overspend for 50 years and did nothing about it 14:24 MomentOfX: zombie marvel characters would be a good idea if they all just dropped dead 14:24 waut3r: I gave up on marvel before ant man 14:24 Norseman: Hooow abouuuutt... a zombie Malcolm X ? 14:25 waut3r: I get no enjoyment from marvel movies anymore 14:25 Fire_Miss: waut3r: i liked ant man, probably because i'm somewhat of an edgar wright fanboi 14:25 Norseman: I never even heard of Ant Man 14:25 Norseman: or Dr.Strange. 14:25 Norseman: Dr.Fate is my man. 14:25 gooch1nin: Norseman: deadgar evers 14:26 Norseman: OK ok 14:26 waut3r: I heard ant man was good so I may watch at some point 14:26 Norseman: Is Booster Gold in any of the superhero movies? 14:27 MomentOfX: ant man is like an ironman more focused on humor 14:27 MomentOfX: and shrinking/enlarging sight gags 14:27 gooch1nin: and paul rudd 14:27 Fire_Miss: waut3r: i'd say it's worth a watch if you're bored and like the cinematic style of wright 14:27 MomentOfX: thats probably the better metric 14:27 MomentOfX: whether or not you like paul rudd 14:27 MomentOfX: lol 14:27 Vaquero: gooch1niner: people still worship retards 14:27 Vaquero: gooch1niner: why else would we all be here 14:28 Fire_Miss: Vaquero: because sex is sexy 14:28 Vaquero: waut3r: why, marvel is great 14:28 MomentOfX: i get people annoyed with oversaturation, but i love it all 14:28 MomentOfX: its my childhood stories on a $200m budget 14:28 MomentOfX: deal 14:29 MomentOfX: just need DC to get their shit together 14:29 waut3r: Vaquero oversaturated and boring 14:29 Vaquero: waut3r: well some could say the same about you but we have manners 14:29 waut3r: I'm sure the oversaturation is what makes the movies uninteresting 14:29 Fire_Miss: MomentOfXen: the dc animated movies are WAY better than anything live that they've shat out 14:29 MomentOfX: give me a Batman Beyond, Static Shock series 14:29 MomentOfX: yeah their animated department is on point 14:30 Fire_Miss: i liked justice league war and dark 14:30 Vaquero: the killing joke was kinda eh 14:30 Vaquero: like why is batman banging batgirl 14:30 MomentOfX: build up individual characters, stop trying to force a universe from point one 14:30 MomentOfX: that was awkward 14:30 waut3r: Yeah 14:30 MomentOfX: Under the Red Hood and Return of the Joker are my favorites 14:30 gooch1nin: so your argument is that the two generations are equally retarded? because i agree 14:30 gooch1nin: anything retarded you can point to that a millennial says was enabled for 25 years by gen Xers 14:31 GADtheRAD: Did you watch the Killing Joke 14:32 GADtheRAD: BATGIRL RAPSS BATMAN 14:32 son_of_a_: FIND OUT CHIEF KEEF'S SECRET TO SUCCESS IN THE RAP INDUSTRY, HINT: IT'S AUTISM 14:32 Vaquero: gooch1niner: im not saying gen x isnt retarded, im just saying dont tell me you cant get out of bed cause its not hard to do 14:32 Vaquero: unless your a cripple in which case you dont matter 14:33 Norseman: Why is Batman banging anyone but Vicki Vale ? 14:33 gooch1nin: yeah i agree with that too, thats not a "millennial" problem, that's a "youre retarded" problem 14:33 Vaquero: its also a single mother problem. maybe if you werent such a lazy fuck you wouldnt be alne 14:34 MomentOfX: any comic autists: is the joker biting it in Return of the Joker something only in that movie or is it how he does get offed in most lines 14:35 fishmunst: return of the joker is DC animated only 14:36 fishmunst: its a wholly original story 14:36 fishmunst: although they might have taken some influence from killign joke with the robin torture and all that 14:41 fishmunst: MomentOfXen: if youre interested in watching the best DC animated has put out, watch The Dark Knight Returns Part 1 and 2 14:41 MomentOfX: i would if i had like, time to myself 14:41 MomentOfX: lol 14:42 couture: Escape from Archam Asylum was miles better than suicide squad. 14:42 Fire_Miss: couture: what wasn't better than suicide squad? 14:42 couture: or whatever the animated one was called 14:42 couture: ha 14:42 couture: yeah, that's not saying much 14:43 gooch1nin: Vaquero: im glad we could find some common ground. death to single moms 14:43 Fire_Miss: like. neighbors 2, and party monster might be on par with squad 14:43 couture: but, the cartoon version which ran like a year or two before SS was way better. 14:43 Fire_Miss: i dont doubt it. 14:43 fishmunst: couture: escape from arkham, or something like that 14:43 fishmunst: was pretty fantastic 14:43 couture: yea. 14:44 fishmunst: they had another one recently, suicide squad: hell to pay 14:44 couture: also, started watching the korean jin-roh last night. seems like a shot-for-shot remake of the 1999 interpretation of little red riding-hood. 14:44 fishmunst: was alright, but was linked to their animated movie universe 14:45 Fire_Miss: shit what was that movie that just came out with the dudes from raid? 14:45 fishmunst: so need some background on the other movies, particularly flashpoint 14:45 couture: Fire_Missionary: i'm not sure. but instead of japan, it's set in korea 14:45 couture: i laughed at the info dump at the beginnging: 14:45 couture: we created the sect and the unit because all other countries were trying to break apart the freshly unified koreas 14:45 retardbit: nwe reddit pots: https://old.reddit.com/r/TheDickShow/comments/9t2pqk/worlds_smallest_face_photo_mentioned_in_this/ 14:46 couture: i'm pretty sure those guys are pretty good at doing that themselves 14:46 couture: don't need outside influence for that to happen 14:47 Vaquero: gooch1niner: well when they stop raising black criminals then we will talk about letting them live 14:48 Fire_Miss: Vaquero: i prefer my criminals white 14:48 couture: PeenWeinerstein: do you have a favourite skit you were in from Top Story! Weekly? 14:48 Vaquero: look we all would prefer more whites in all aspects of society 14:49 lie4karma: I wouldnt 14:49 GADtheRAD: Jin roh.... holy shit 14:49 lie4karma: we have enough pumpkin spice 14:49 Fire_Miss: lie4karma: pretty sure that those cali wanabe girls don't count as part of any society 14:52 MomentOfX: https://i.redd.it/2epiwkt9hjv11.jpg 14:52 Vaquero: lie4karma: yeah those bitches with no booty and no tits dont count 14:52 Vaquero: get yourself more wogs, white but with tits 14:52 lie4karma: lol so I count as two 14:53 lie4karma: sounds like Vaquero wants a world full of jewdanks 14:53 Norseman: lol."aging my chemical romance fan" 14:53 Fire_Miss: i only like my pumpkin in pie. anywhere else is nauseating 14:53 Vaquero: lie4karma: if they got big ass titties then sure 14:53 Vaquero: we need more ben shapiro sisters 14:53 lie4karma: lol wait you dont know who jewdank is ? 14:53 lie4karma: google it 14:54 Norseman: What's the difference between Pearl Jam and Temple of the Dog? 14:54 Fire_Miss: idk but they're both nothing compared to stone temple pilots 14:55 Norseman: Eddie Wedder sings in both, right? 14:55 Norseman: So they sound basically the same. 14:55 Fire_Miss: "He also appeared as a guest vocalist in Temple of the Dog," yes 14:55 Norseman: Vedder* sry 14:56 Norseman: oh, maybe it's just this song I just listened to then. "Hunger Strike" could just have been another Pearl Jam song. 14:57 Fire_Miss: nah he was in that one 14:57 GADtheRAD: Temple of the Dog was peak grunge 14:58 MomentOfX: GADtheRAD is peak grungy 14:59 GADtheRAD: I dressed as fat kurt cobain with short brown hair 14:59 MomentOfX: just on the daily i assume 14:59 Lusos: gooch1niner 14:59 Lusos: also sagaciouszu 15:00 gooch1nin: what 15:00 sagacious: hi 15:00 Lusos: sag so we confirmed my kitty can see out of 1 eye for sure but it's shit: https://i.imgur.com/RjC5zHx.jpg 15:00 sagacious: is this going to make me sad? 15:00 Vaquero: lie4karma: thank you, ill enjoy jewdank 15:00 sagacious: Oh no 15:00 Lusos: gooch1niner so with the cumtown show, was it slammed? They cancelled hutnsville eo now i have to drive 3 hours to either nachville or atlanta 15:00 sagacious: What can you do for this little guy 15:01 Lusos: sagaciouszu no he's a good boy. 15:01 sagacious: I looked 15:01 Lusos: my gf has 1 weeks left as a vet tech so she's getting him worked on with 5 Star doctors and equipment 15:01 sagacious: Is he gunna be a blind kitty? 15:01 Lusos: nah he will have propbably 50% vision in one eye and we remove the other 15:01 Lusos: he's a sweetie berdeetie tho. 15:02 Lusos: I think someone threw him out of a moving car and he hit a tree or some shit. Judging by the area he was found 15:02 sagacious: If there's anything I learned from raising the litter of cats that my dumb kitty came from, blind kitties are fiesty as fuck but you gotta set up guards so they don't fall down through bannisters or something 15:02 sagacious: I'm glad you guys found him, or are taking care of him or whatever 15:04 Lusos: Also anyone on #thedickshow wanting some special JAck Daniels or George Dickel? I'm heading to lynchburg friday. 15:04 Lusos: barrel strength (130 proof) and select 9 year whiskeys are only available on side 15:05 MomentOfX: ill take anything thats free 15:05 MomentOfX: that slogan is on my family crest 15:07 MomentOfX: maybe this black mirror world wouldnt be so bad https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/10/30/pick-poo-take-dog-chinese-city-rolls-social-credit-system-pet/ 15:08 GADtheRAD: TRUMP, DO SOMETHING. KONAMI IS KILLING THE PT DEMO WITH A PATCH 15:08 son_of_a_: GOD I CAN HEAR HOW FAT YOU ARE 15:09 GADtheRAD: But they really are 15:09 GADtheRAD: https://www.reddit.com/r/Games/comments/9t23hk/konami_may_be_removing_the_ability_to_play_pt_for 15:11 Lusos: MomentofXen no free rides here but I can secure you some distillery liquor from JD or Dickel 15:11 Lusos: will trade you 15:11 sagacious: GADtheRAD, lol konami 15:11 sagacious: rip mgs 15:11 Lusos: sagaciouszu how are your kitties going man? 15:11 sagacious: we live and die by your orders, boss o7 15:11 Lusos: also you should listen to the newest Purrcast edition of WATP with dick and karl 15:11 sagacious: That's a thing? 15:12 Lusos: https://www.georgedickel.com/?ds_e=MICROSOFT&ds_c=B: George Dickel_Exact_HV&ds_k=george dickel&msclkid=80b012bc53981c3b0647496fb156df65&gclid=CLnNsfzdpd4CFcP3swodELsFbw&gclsrc=ds 15:12 MomentOfX: i thought they did that forever ago re: PT 15:12 sagacious: He's sleeping in a window right now. Gotta get him fixed very soon 15:12 Lusos: Barrel Select is my, by fucking far, favorite $50 whiskey. 15:12 sagacious: MomentOfXen, they just took it off the store 15:12 Lusos: 9 year aged and they sell it for $99 MSRP but my state sells it for $49 for some unknown reason 15:12 MomentOfX: i cant imagine ever buying a $50 whiskey 15:12 Lusos: dude you are not living 15:13 GADtheRAD: They pulled PT but didnt remove its access 15:13 MomentOfX: im not getting sucked into that again 15:13 Lusos: are you married? IF not i'll send you a bottle for your wedding 15:13 sagacious: 50 dollars for how much whiskey 15:13 Lusos: 750ml 15:13 sagacious: oh you linked it 15:13 MomentOfX: my wife tricked me into buying good sheets 15:13 krimcl: My whiskey cost me like 15 bux 15:13 MomentOfX: and now i cant sleep on the regular shit sheets i used to 15:13 MomentOfX: i love makers mark and wild turkey, im not fucking up my perspective again 15:13 Lusos: nah dude. I sent asterios some 9 year and he told me it was the first time alcohol never tasted "not like burning" 15:13 sagacious: Lusos, do you think we're made out of 50 dollar bills and whiskey glasses 15:13 Lusos: sagaciouszu send me some weed and i'll send you some whiskey 15:14 krimcl: If you aren't made of 50 dollar bills and whiskey glasses what's life even for 15:14 sagacious: Lusos, I could but with how the border is treating it right now, no ty 15:14 sagacious: I mean I would but I'm a puss 15:14 sagacious: :v 15:15 Lusos: yeah i'm going to GTA in the summer. I'll bring you some hand delivered bro 15:15 sagacious: I can definitely trade you some then ;D 15:16 MomentOfX: >yeah i'm going to GTA in the summer 15:16 MomentOfX: o.0 15:16 sagacious: Greater Toronto Area 15:16 Lusos: grove street nigga 15:16 MomentOfX: pop pop motherfucker five stars or bust 15:16 Lusos: ALL YOU HAD TO DO WAS FOLLOW THE DAMN TRANS CEEJAY 15:16 son_of_a_: SOAR: I MISSED YOU, BUDDY 15:16 sagacious: I will fucking kill you 15:17 Lusos: MomentOfXen i'm vert disappoint you didn't make the 5 hour drive to greenbay so we could have gay sex and jiu jitsu 15:17 MomentOfX: unless its a good packer game there doesn't exist anything within green bay that is worth a two hour drive even 15:19 Norseman: How green is Green Bay? 15:19 Lusos: I like the whole Door County area 15:19 Lusos: super rural but if you like hsitory, hiking, and wineries it's boss 15:19 Lusos: imagine an affordable NAPA valley trip 15:19 MomentOfX: door county is fine, but green bay is boring 15:19 MomentOfX: sturgeon bay, algoma, washington island 15:20 MomentOfX: Norseman: it was literally named after the shitload of algae in the bay 15:20 MomentOfX: the original name was "Bay of the Stinkers" 15:20 Norseman: "disgustingly green" then 15:22 @ DTales: lol this sub is great https://www.reddit.com/r/AteThePasta 15:22 @ DTales: for a readthrough at least 15:23 MomentOfX: ah, a still new sub 15:23 MomentOfX: fun 15:23 MomentOfX: all time list for https://www.reddit.com/r/AteTheOnion is great too 15:24 MomentOfX: i think my favorite ones involve the articles about the Abortion Megaplex and "Study finds multiple stab wounds harmful to monkies" 15:24 Lusos: MomentofXen redpill me on door county 15:24 Lusos: seems like someone took my old hometown in sotuh georgi and dropped it on the great lakes 15:24 Lusos: gorgeous place 15:25 MomentOfX: you pretty much nailed it, rural af, wineries, cherries everywhere, good fishing, hiking, racism 15:25 MomentOfX: gets obnoxiously busy late july/september with tourists 15:26 Norseman: god damn... 15:27 Lusos: i've been all around the US and it's one of the 3 places i would realistictically consider moving 15:27 Norseman: Guys, I need autism! 15:27 Lusos: Dude this Jack Daniels 5 tastes like bubu rum 15:28 MomentOfX: i mean, we have plenty to spare Norseman 15:28 Norseman: I keep forgetting the name of this song which starts with some autistic humming. The video starts with a bouncing ball I think 15:28 Norseman: humming like alternating low and high pitch 15:29 MomentOfX: https://www.reddit.com/r/tipofmytongue/comments/1k0gow/tomt_modern_music_video_that_starts_with_a_ball/ 15:29 Norseman: not at all 15:29 MomentOfX: dunno gotta give a little more 15:29 MomentOfX: any lyrics lol 15:30 Norseman: this is alternative rock 15:30 Norseman: it's really distinct 15:31 Norseman: starts with "aaaHNNNNNNNnnnnnn-aaaHNNNNNNNnnnnnn-aaaHNNNNNNNnnnnnn" and turns into this strange bubbly poping guitars 15:31 Norseman: female singer I think 15:31 Norseman: and the refrain is spergy 15:31 MomentOfX: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZX6Q-Bj_xg 15:31 MomentOfX: ? 15:31 GADtheRAD: "CANADA WILL ALWAYS WIN THE CUCK RACE" - NICK RACKETS 15:31 son_of_a_: RACHPOSTER 15:32 Norseman: No, it's still not Take a Walk 15:32 MomentOfX: r u sure 15:32 MomentOfX: its the only thing that comes up for alt rock ball bouncing humming so i needa lyric lol 15:33 Norseman: if I knew the lyrics I'd find it myself 15:34 Norseman: it's a kind of music video they would play on Beavis and Butthead 15:34 MomentOfX: old or just the style 15:35 Norseman: kinda old 15:35 Norseman: I think 15:35 Norseman: talking 90's 15:36 MomentOfX: ye you boned 15:37 Norseman: I promised myself I wouldn't forget this 15:37 @ DTales: oh man that sub put me in a good mood 15:38 mohater: waut3r did Maddox try to sway you away from someone other than Dick? 15:39 MomentOfX: Norseman: when you say bouncing ball do you mean one of the things where the ball follows lyrics showing up on screen 15:39 MomentOfX: like youre trying to teach an autistic kid to sing 15:40 Norseman: no 15:40 Norseman: it's basically all I remember from the music video 15:40 Norseman: I think 15:40 @ DTales: https://np.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/1u365i/reddit_what_are_some_views_held_by_the_majority/cee1i0p/?context=9 15:41 Norseman: it starts with this ball laying on the ground or sidewalk then starts to bounce 15:41 ~ _688as: what name should i have them put on my ClSSP 15:41 ~ _688as: real name or some mutation of 688as 15:41 @ DTales: how twink you cissy 15:41 MomentOfX: hahahaha 15:42 Norseman: and the guitars are really beaow-beaowy 15:42 @ DTales: _688as: is it arbitrary? 15:42 ~ _688as: yes 15:44 ~ _688as: Norseman: you thinking Duran Duran? 15:44 ~ _688as: "Is There Something I Should Know" 15:44 Norseman: it's more L7 than Duran Duran 15:44 Norseman: that chick rock/metal band 15:46 Fire_Miss: call of cthulhu hmm... 15:49 mohater: ChikOfDestiny: You need a new laugh 15:51 retardbit: nu rebbit pst: https://old.reddit.com/r/TheDickShow/comments/9t3ari/someones_a_little_aggressive_lol/ 15:51 retardbit: nyu reddit zeww: https://old.reddit.com/r/TheDickShow/comments/9t3ay1/hey_dick_if_youre_inviting_all_the_piece_of_shit/ 15:52 ~ _688as: i seriously can't decide what name to get on this joke certificate 15:52 ~ _688as: because they're sending out actual nice embossed ones that i'm gonna frame 15:55 lie4karma: easy 15:55 lie4karma: Mike Hunt 15:55 lie4karma: or Hawk 15:56 lie4karma: you go for which makes you laugh more 15:56 ~ _688as: no i'm debating whether to put my real name or my handle 15:56 lie4karma: obviously your handle 15:57 lie4karma: crash override 15:57 ~ _688as: cause i want to display it at work but i dont want my coworkers and boss to know my handle 15:57 lie4karma: Acid Burn 15:57 ~ _688as: ass override 15:57 lie4karma: Crash and Burn 15:57 lie4karma: just put Maddox 15:57 lie4karma: when your boss sees it and googles it 15:57 lie4karma: he will laugh 15:58 lie4karma: got to play the long con 16:11 retardbit: nhue reddit pots: https://old.reddit.com/r/TheDickShow/comments/9t3hm7/how_to_become_a_full_rage/ 16:11 retardbit: nu ribbit goss: https://old.reddit.com/r/TheDickShow/comments/9t3hxi/australian_woman_are_trash_said_from_a_kiwi/ 16:26 ~ _688as: yes 16:26 Fire_Miss: damn these codex guys know how to source a good beat 16:28 ~ _688as: do they now 16:30 Fire_Miss: yeah the one embedded in the call of cthulhu installer is pretty decent 16:39 Vaquero: just had a mutli site operator call and say "we own 18 petrol stations but only 6 are signed up with your comapny, why arent more?" 16:39 Vaquero: i dont know dude, your the one who works there you tell me 16:40 Vaquero: think i just lucked into 16 new sites 16:40 fishmunst: where did the other 4 come from 16:42 Vaquero: my imagination 16:43 Vaquero: clearly you havnt read the art of the deal, if i demand 16 new sites they will say its to much so i can then work them down to 12 16:43 fishmunst: right 16:44 fishmunst: or your math skills might be the reason why 12 of their sites weren't signed up 16:44 fishmunst: you have 18 sites? great, ill sign up all of them. so thats 6 sites total 16:46 Vaquero: tbh i wont be signing up anyone, i just passed it onto someone else 17:03 Norseman: Finally I found it! 17:04 Norseman: Turns out I was only half right about the ball. 17:04 GADtheRAD: Found what? 17:04 ~ _688as: u r mom 17:05 ~ _688as: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Dq3tGQaWoAAlfEQ.jpg:large 17:06 ~ _688as: these guys look like they're about to rape some children in their basement dungeon 17:07 Norseman: The song 17:07 Norseman: The Breeders - Cannonball 17:08 GADtheRAD: Gabe and Hideo? 17:09 SilentKno: I know the one guy 17:09 pint: hey gang 17:09 AndOR: hi 17:10 pint: yo AndOR I got to intercept a bear 17:10 ~ _688as: pint: pew pew 17:10 pint: No sir. 17:10 pint: But I did get a good shot with my FLIR of a guy in the plane taking a picture of me. 17:12 ~ _688as: https://twitter.com/SarahNEmerson/status/1057648130466828293 17:14 AndOR: aereal grabass sounds fun tbh 17:16 retardbit: nwe raddit toaste: https://old.reddit.com/r/TheDickShow/comments/9t40hx/what_an_old_codger/ 17:16 retardbit: nu raddit goss: https://old.reddit.com/r/TheDickShow/comments/9t40sd/oh_i_guess_assterioz_isnt_abstaining_in/ 17:18 gooch1nin: Lusos: all the south shows are canceled dude 17:19 pint: You're all welcome for the freedom I provide. 17:20 SeraphOfH: "Just because ya deal meth doesn't mean ya use it, right?" 17:22 pint: ya 17:22 SeraphOfH: "I-it doesn't look like she takes meth does it roight?" 17:23 fishmunst: man 17:23 fishmunst: that guy was incredible 17:23 SeraphOfH: Total wreck 17:24 fishmunst: yeah 17:25 fishmunst: dont feel like listening to a 4 hour burn court, but i might haha 17:25 SeraphOfH: "Is MABTW supposed to be taken seriously?" 17:25 fishmunst: just cause how fucking crazy he is 17:25 fishmunst: PeenWeinerstein: did not want to say yes 17:26 fishmunst: if he says yes, it stops being satire and becomes a manifesto 17:26 SeraphOfH: obviously 17:28 SeraphOfH: "I'm pretty into it" 17:28 sostrich: the way he talked about "she didn't give me the attention I wanted", no fucking suprise that he made headlines as a stalker 17:28 sostrich: what a shameless fucking lunatic 17:28 fishmunst: yeah 17:28 pint: what's this? 17:28 & aciou: hit or miss 17:28 fishmunst: something like 10 women or something like that 17:28 fishmunst: pint: crazy dude on the latest episode 17:28 pint: ugh 17:28 fishmunst: has a record for stalking and threats 17:28 sostrich: Did you guys see that reverse phone lookup thread? 17:28 Silverfis: na 17:28 fishmunst: aciou: hit or miss? 17:29 & aciou: fishmunster123: i guess they never miss, huh 17:30 SeraphOfH: it was interesting to have that guy call in tho 17:30 SeraphOfH: to get a glimpse into the madness 17:31 fishmunst: haha yeah, the 'tism was strong with him 17:31 fishmunst: so aciou, was he right? are australian women vapid whores? 17:32 SeraphOfH: low functioning depressed austism? 17:32 & aciou: what am i, an incel? 17:32 & aciou: no, he's a sperg through and through 17:32 fishmunst: ah damn 17:32 fishmunst: vapid whores are the best 17:33 SeraphOfH: why would aussie whamen be any different than anywhere else? 17:33 & aciou: ^ 17:33 Vaquero: plenty of vapid whores here but i think you could say that about any place with woman 17:33 fishmunst: Los Angeles women are different from mid west women 17:33 fishmunst: usually cause LA women have penises 17:34 SeraphOfH: they are not women 17:34 Vaquero: where i live all the woman seem to think there 10's 17:34 ~ _688as: looking at tito's echo chamber subreddit makes my brain hurt 17:34 Lusos: anyone of you fgts got any trick or treaters yet? 17:34 fishmunst: hes got a subreddit? 17:35 @ DTales: hey pint 17:35 fishmunst: dont get trick or treaters in my neighborhood 17:35 Lusos: fishmunster123 LA women are very different from southern women 17:35 Lusos: southern women do not approach you, ever 17:35 fishmunst: the question is Lusos, do they have penises like the LA women 17:35 SeraphOfH: I think we should start calling all Australian dickheads Austisms 17:36 Lusos: i've never met a trans woman in the wild in the south 17:36 fishmunst: that is a fantastic idea 17:36 fishmunst: just in the zoo Lusos? 17:36 ~ _688as: https://www.reddit.com/user/BooCMB 17:36 ~ _688as: kek 17:36 ~ _688as: a bot to harass a shitty bot 17:37 pint: sup DTales 17:37 @ DTales: night shifts how about you? 17:37 ~ _688as: pint: thx4cervix 17:38 ~ _688as: would you rather have night shifts or night shits 17:38 pint: dealing with those wascally wussians 17:38 @ DTales: both cause then I get paid 17:39 @ DTales: pint: heh 17:39 @ DTales: btw was it you guys who drank all the beer in Iceland 17:39 pint: I don't think we had anyone go to Iceland 17:39 pint: I certainly didn't. 17:40 @ DTales: https://www.stripes.com/news/iceland-bars-run-out-of-beer-supplying-thirsty-us-sailors-marines-1.554176 17:40 pint: lol 17:40 @ DTales: cracked me up 17:42 Lusos: lol bring more beer faggots 17:43 AndOR: >emergency beer runs 17:43 AndOR: damn straight 17:43 fishmunst: thats pretty impressive seven thousand dudes drank an entire country dry 17:43 SilentKno: to be fair it's a shitty country 17:44 Silverfis: I know this one Icelandic chick that could guzzle 7000 dudes dry. 17:44 fishmunst: iceland is alright 17:44 fishmunst: its small 17:44 Silverfis: WHERE WAS SHE DURING ALL THIS 17:44 son_of_a_: TRUMP MAKE METALLICA GREAT AGAIN 17:44 fishmunst: sure 17:44 SilentKno: and isolated 17:44 fishmunst: but its not an african country 17:44 @ DTales: yeah Iceland has it figured out 17:44 fishmunst: no africans 17:44 @ DTales: You're only allowed to give your kid Icelandic names 17:44 @ DTales: the most equal country in the world 17:45 Silverfis: Unlike the Saudi Arabian cousin tracker app, Iceland uses its cousin tracker to not fuck family members. 17:45 ~ _688as: iceland has some dope beer 17:45 fishmunst: hoolgard and blorn 17:45 @ DTales: a bunch of gaysirs 17:45 ~ _688as: also dem icelandic girls can guzzle me dry any time 17:49 Vaquero: contemplating putting money on derrick lewis to beat DC 17:52 ~ _688as: https://thumbs.dreamstime.com/z/man-computer-gun-28110621.jpg 17:52 Lusos: I'M RYAN DUNN, AND THIS IS CALLED "BURNING TO DEATH WITH MY FRIEND WHILE DRIVING DRUNK" 17:52 son_of_a_: LOCK HIM UP 17:53 Vaquero: Lusos to soon dude 17:54 Vaquero: anyone else find it a bit redundant when someone is in trouble with the law then dies and they come out and say "we have decided to drop the case against them" 17:54 Vaquero: like what other options are there, they are dead. 17:55 Lusos: https://www.reddit.com/r/TheDickShow/comments/9ssjih/asterios_has_quite_the_mighty_cocktease_for_us/e8r5t8l/ 17:58 fishmunst: haah 17:58 ::!!:: The_Zoo is now known as TDS_Top_Zoo 17:58 TDS_Top_Z: Sup 18:00 fishmunst: yo 18:03 krimcl: Vaquero, you can puruse charged against them for remidiation from their estate... Its just most people who die during that process are poor 18:04 Lusos: shit, now is my time to shine 18:04 ::!!:: Lusos is now known as The_Lusos 18:04 The_Lusos: hey guys 18:04 Vaquero: krimcl gotta be a real sack of shit to do that imo 18:04 krimcl: It is the government... 18:04 Vaquero: good point 18:05 TDS_Top_Z: Suo The_Lusos 18:05 The_Lusos: lol _688as what kind of bitch gets robbed by a BEeetta .22 target pistol? 18:05 The_Lusos: *beretta 18:06 AndOR: id just roundhouse it right out of her hand, catching the 22 slug between two toes 18:07 fishmunst: ha, pussy 18:07 fishmunst: catching it with your teeth is the way to go 18:07 The_Lusos: TDS_Top_Zoo do you think christopher is just doing top tier trolling? 18:07 fishmunst: then spit the bullet back at high velocity 18:07 The_Lusos: The "krug" pic makes me thing so 18:07 fishmunst: christopher has a record for this shit The_Lusos 18:07 The_Lusos: ahh 18:08 TDS_Top_Z: The_Lusosthe: no. He's just a fag. 18:09 TDS_Top_Z: He really should follow through with all his threat, starting off with killing himself. 18:10 fishmunst: those chat logs that were posted the other day, from discord 18:10 fishmunst: i think im in love with ponette 18:10 fishmunst: "if you do jump off that bridge, make sure the water isnt too high that day. sucks surviving suicide" 18:10 fishmunst: hahaha 18:10 TDS_Top_Z: I couldn't even read them all man, bitch is getting the attention he wants. 18:11 TDS_Top_Z: I act like a retarded but it's different. 18:11 fishmunst: im surprised he hasnt shown up to the IRC 18:11 fishmunst: or he could already be here 18:11 TDS_Top_Z: Go recruit him 18:11 fishmunst: i suspect Elvenmonk, hes got a touch of the 'tism as well 18:12 TDS_Top_Z: He says somewhere he has autism BECAUSE of vaccines. 18:13 fishmunst: hahaha yeah, "vaccine damage autism" was the phrase he used i think 18:13 AndOR: so it's not his fault? 18:13 AndOR: cause if it was 18:13 * AndOR shakes fist 18:14 TDS_Top_Z: All autism is self inflicted. 18:16 TDS_Top_Z: User error on your stupid life. 18:17 @ DTales: _688as: don't pirate gun cads friend 18:23 Dyc3: !aq <TDS_Top_Zoo> All autism is self inflicted. 18:23 Dyc3: kek 18:26 Elvenmonk: Me? I'm autistic 18:27 TDS_Top_Z: If you are it's your fault 18:27 fishmunst: bigotry 18:27 fishmunst: its not his fault 18:27 fishmunst: blame his mother 18:28 fishmunst: for having bad eggs 18:29 TDS_Top_Z: Bullshit, you should have realized your mom was raising you to be a fag by now, and corrected it. 18:29 fishmunst: fair point 18:29 fishmunst: Elvenmonk: it is your fault 18:30 TDS_Top_Z: YOUR AUTISM, YOUR FAULT 18:30 son_of_a_: BUT STILL MAD 18:31 Elvenmonk: Yeah 18:37 TDS_Top_Z: Your pussy, your problem is literally the same thing as your autism, your fault. 18:38 fishmunst: ahah 18:39 & aciou: except it doesn't have alliteration 18:39 & aciou: it'll never catch on 18:39 fishmunst: your autism, your adversity? 18:39 TDS_Top_Z: Fuck 18:39 & aciou: hahahah 18:39 fishmunst: sounds too faggy 18:39 & aciou: yeah that sounds like an actual autism speaks it's time to listen campaign 18:40 TDS_Top_Z: Your autism your afag, hows that? 18:41 fishmunst: hmm 18:41 fishmunst: a bit better 18:42 fishmunst: touch of the 'tism, time for fag prison 18:42 fishmunst: catchphrases are hard 18:46 GADtheRAD: NICK OR TREAT 18:46 son_of_a_: HAHAHAHAHHAHA 18:47 GADtheRAD: https://youtu.be/NblnYZ6oWlw 18:47 fishmunst: fuck i remember that 18:47 fishmunst: nigger treat 18:48 krimcl: did anyone bother with costumes? this was the most work i felt like putting in https://imgur.com/a/19gbtYV prob won't even answer the door 18:49 fishmunst: jesus you look like a pedophile 18:49 & aciou: TDS_Top_Zoo: that's good 18:50 TDS_Top_Z: How to recognize if you have autism: Do you need alliteration? If yes, it's your fault. 18:51 TDS_Top_Z: Or HTRIYHA:DYNA?IY,IYF 18:52 fishmunst: im not austistic, im anal about alliteration and angry when alliteration is less than adequate 18:52 Vaquero: an easier way to find out if someone autistic, have they at any point in their lives thought maddox opinions were worth listening to? 18:53 TDS_Top_Z: Can I sell you some vaccines? 18:53 fishmunst: ahhaaha 18:53 fishmunst: peace faggots 18:54 Vaquero: how are black people not sick of the left yet, anytime something happens having people ask or say "it must be cause your black" 18:54 Vaquero: id get so annoyed if anytime something happened someone said "it must be cause your italian" 19:03 SilentKno: that must be because of your heritage 19:09 GADtheRAD: krimcl: Time to dududududududududuuuuuuel 19:10 krimcl: Gonna steal some children's playing cards 19:16 TDS_Top_Z: I knew I forgot the period. God dammit. 19:16 retardbit: nu raddit goss: https://old.reddit.com/r/TheDickShow/comments/9t4yu0/in_light_of_recent_events_its_time_to_dig_this/ 19:23 Vaquero: _A_ fag 19:25 Dyc3: Vaquero, how fucking good is today 19:25 Dyc3: hot as shit, not a cloud. i wanna go to the beach with a case of carona's 19:26 SilentKno: too spooky 19:26 Vaquero: i hate the heat, im sweaty and disgusting enough without the weather making it worse 19:27 SilentKno: that opinion is wrong 19:27 Vaquero: its a cold hard fact mate 19:27 @ DTales: memes were a gift to the unfunny 19:29 Vaquero: there is nothing inherently wrong with being unfunny 19:29 _A_: weather's fine here. Solid 60 degrees 19:30 Vaquero: its 78 here 19:31 Vaquero: but i hear people say our heats different, like its a dry burning heat 19:32 Vaquero: well uber eats is fucking lying to me, says my food will arive in 4 minutes but the driver hasnt even picked it up and yet and its atleast a 5 minute drive 19:38 Requit: aciou: slow organic growth. 19:38 Requit: I rolled all cannibals for teh lulz. 19:38 Requit: Now waiting to get people who're psychopaths or cannibals. 19:39 & aciou: Requit: pics 19:39 Vaquero: the uber driver drove past my office 19:39 Vaquero: what a dumb fucking slut 19:39 _A_: some kinda video game Requit ? 19:39 Vaquero: get that woman of the road 19:40 Requit: Yeah. 19:40 _A_: aww I'm sure she's trying her best Vaquero 19:40 _A_: what game Requit ? 19:40 Requit: Rimworld 19:40 _A_: great game! 19:41 _A_: I had a colony of cybernetic cannibals because I managed to research the best prosthetics before the game storyteller decided to unload huge waves of enemies on me 19:42 _A_: So I replaced their lost limbs with cybernetic ones and they didn't have enough to eat, so I had to make them eat the enemy bodies 19:42 Dyc3: dam dude 19:42 Dyc3: dont run for government 19:42 _A_: lol 19:53 Requit: aciou: https://imgur.com/a/QFemc0o 19:53 Requit: They mostly attack from the east and funnel in. 19:54 Requit: Just got turrets down, so I'm excited to see what else Cassandra throws at me. 19:57 & aciou: damn dude, that's a good lookin' colony 19:57 & aciou: for early days, is good shit 19:59 Requit: Yeah early game's easy to get. 19:59 Requit: It's midgame that I start losing control. 20:02 & aciou: aye 20:02 & aciou: and no savescumming either 20:03 _A_: woah yeah that's a good early colony 20:03 Requit: Dude I lived off meat for a year and farmed nothing but weed leafs 20:03 Requit: Dumped them for cash. 20:03 Requit: I've dropped it to stop the raids from being huge. 20:04 & aciou: smart 20:04 Requit: My cannibal lady clan's got a no drugs policyt. 20:04 Requit: Gotta respect your body after all. 20:04 _A_: I think my best lasted into endgame, I was ready to expand to the next tile of the world map. 30+ colonists, got attacked by insectoids though haha 20:06 & aciou: i had a mid-map colony that made it offworld, easily the best colony i've made 20:07 & aciou: also had a bigass mountain base which was really good but i gave up on that one for whatever reason 20:07 & aciou: honeycomb format 20:07 & aciou: feltgoodman 20:09 _A_: you have to be insane to not make a mountain base 20:10 _A_: middle of the desert with no rocks around? What are you thinking 20:10 _A_: Or worse, tundra 20:10 _A_: ugh 20:11 _A_: Might as well cheat and do a custom scenario where you get 10k steel in those cases 20:12 Requit: Nah, bunker's overrated. 20:13 GADtheRAD: Holy shit 20:13 GADtheRAD: LEWIS TULLY HAS AUTISM 20:13 son_of_a_: I WANT BLOOD 20:13 GADtheRAD: !q 20:13 retardbit: #2376 - < Lusos> nigga I stay naked 20:14 _A_: well what the fuck are you gonna build your base out of when you're in the tundra Requit ? 20:14 Requit: THE CORPSES OF MY ATTACKERS 20:14 son_of_a_: I-I VOTED FOR BERNIE SANDERS MORTY! I TURNED MYSELF INTO A CUCKOLD! I'M CUCKOLD RIIIIIIIICK 20:14 _A_: lol 20:18 Dyc3: !q 20:18 Dyc3: ya know what makes me rage 20:18 Dyc3: every single "reaction" video 20:18 Dyc3: who. the fuck. cares 20:20 _A_: *han solo appears on screen* AAAAAAAA OH MY GOD *blows out the mic* 20:23 Dyc3: ffs 20:23 Dyc3: theres a dude in this department who spends WAY too much time reading MSM 20:37 grapelady: That is how npcs do machine learning 20:42 Vaquero: Dyc3 i felt the same way about react videos until i watched kids react to metal music and now im pro pedos 20:42 Dyc3: LOOOOL 20:42 son_of_a_: A FOUNTAIN PEN 20:42 Dyc3: !aq <Vaquero> Dyc3 i felt the same way about react videos until i watched kids react to metal music and now im pro pedos 20:42 Dyc3: thats funny 20:43 Vaquero: seriously tho some of those kids deserved a beating 20:44 Vaquero: is he reading MSM ironically? 20:44 Vaquero: i know 2 people who bought maga hats ironically 20:46 Dyc3: nah dude, he is blue pilled as fuck 20:46 Vaquero: just drop subtle shit like "hmm did you see they are trying to give cops the power to go through your phone. thats weird" 20:47 _A_: I wanted to buy a maga hat ironically but at the time, people were being attacked just for wearing them 20:47 _A_: tru story btw 20:47 Vaquero: _A_ why would you even admit that 20:47 _A_: like I voted for Captain Crunch, I thought it would be funny 20:48 Dyc3: lets fight these facist right wingers... but beating them for their poolitical views.... wait..... 20:48 Vaquero: this loser dota manager bought one to wear ironically and everyone on his twitter was just like "wait you like trump?" 20:48 Dyc3: Vaquero, this guy doesnt want to believe 20:48 Dyc3: right now he is reading about how hard done by Robert Mueller is 20:48 Dyc3: i loled 20:48 Vaquero: then he had to explain it was ironic and everyone was like "i dont get it why give him money if you hate him" 20:48 Dyc3: i said "oh robert fucking mueller, what a douche" 20:48 _A_: So I ended up not buying one because it was too much trouble to deal with something I don't even like, I just thought it was funny 20:49 Vaquero: _A_ if you want you can give me money ironical. it will be funny 20:49 Vaquero: ironically* 20:49 Dyc3: i sort of like doing that because lol 20:50 _A_: Vaquero, are you Donald Trump? 20:51 Vaquero: _A_ no but $40 is $40 20:51 Vaquero: Dyc3 start with australian articles of the government just fucking people for no reason 20:52 Dyc3: oh he is against that shit too 20:52 Dyc3: he just believes "orange man bad' because he is an NPC 20:52 _A_: well I got 40 bucks right here in Hazzard County, GA come and get it 20:53 Dyc3: doxxed 20:53 Vaquero: "Sorry, we could not calculate directions from "Chatswood, New South Wales" to "Hazard, Georgia USA" " 20:53 Vaquero: useless google maps 20:53 _A_: lol 20:53 _A_: oh shit you guys never aired Dukes of Hazzard? 20:54 Vaquero: no we did 20:54 _A_: wtf why didn't you get my reference. I'm sad now 20:54 Vaquero: but it was like a day time tv show that was never on like free tv 20:54 Dyc3: yeah, the movie 20:54 Vaquero: god that movie was a piece of shit 20:54 Dyc3: fuck i love pewds XD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HeZtOmiJGOQ 20:54 _A_: it was 20:54 SilentKno: the Dukes of Hazzard were always free tv 20:55 SilentKno: I know because I never had cable growing up 20:55 Vaquero: "i know we will get one guy who is known for playing one character and having no acting ability outside of that character and pair him with another guy who is basically the same" 20:55 Vaquero: what could go wrong 20:55 SilentKno: but that was one of the shows that got through 20:55 Vaquero: and then get a hot chick with also no actin gability 20:55 Vaquero: SilentKnob are you Aus? 20:55 SilentKno: no 20:56 Vaquero: im talking on aus tv 20:57 Vaquero: Dyc3 have you seen the new coke ad thats gay as fuck 20:57 SilentKno: I wonder how the rest of the world feels about the Dukes 20:57 _A_: it's ok SilentKnob I was calso onfused until I remembered where Vaquero was from 20:57 _A_: *also 20:57 Vaquero: its an old dude trying the new coke no sugar and then he says "i wonder what else i have missed out on trying" and then is dancing in a gay pride parade 20:58 SilentKno: i'm not confused, I just wasn't aware he was an aus 20:58 Vaquero: SilentKnob the confederate flag literally means nothing here so no one cared about that aspect of it 20:58 _A_: that's fine too! 20:59 SilentKno: it's a symbol of defiance for authority at the very least 20:59 _A_: Vaquero, I like the horn sound that the General Lee makes 20:59 SilentKno: The Dukes used it as such anyway 20:59 SilentKno: making their way the only way they know how, but that's just a little bit more then the law will allow 20:59 Vaquero: it australia it was just the dukes of hazzard flag 20:59 Vaquero: in* 21:00 Dyc3: _A_ so many people have that fucking horn 21:00 Vaquero: Dyc3 http://www.bandt.com.au/campaigns/cokes 21:00 _A_: Dyc3, I want a huge truck that makes that horn sound! 21:00 Vaquero: look at this gay ass shit 21:01 Vaquero: wait no thats the extended ad 21:01 twinkiecr: it's the dixie theme _A_ 21:01 Vaquero: in the clipped version he just drinks the coke and then suddenly is gay 21:01 SilentKno: I almost watched an ad because you told me to 21:01 SilentKno: what the fuck is wrong with you 21:01 SilentKno: telling people to watch ads 21:02 SilentKno: do you have any idea how far out of my way I go to avoid ads 21:02 Vaquero: SilentKnob gottta keep on your toes fam, if you arent constantly keeping track of the mind controling ads then you will drink a coke and turn gay 21:02 twinkiecr: do u browse the web through email? Silentknob 21:02 Vaquero: just gave me a great idea for an ad agency 21:03 _A_: twinkiecream, I know a few folk and blues songs about the dixie line, probably slipped by me. Do you know which one specifically? 21:03 twinkiecr: nuffin but dick enlargement pills 4 u 21:03 SilentKno: adblock + noscript 21:03 Vaquero: the agency just hires people to msg there friends ads and say hey check out this funny video 21:03 twinkiecr: idk for sure b8ut i'm sure u can buy horns like that 21:04 SilentKno: It's so stupid it just might work 21:04 twinkiecr: i jusr stoped using noscript in favor of umatrix 21:04 AndOR: unlike maddox 21:04 _A_: oh yeah I know you can twinkiecream XD 21:04 Dyc3: Vaquero never drinking coke again 21:05 Vaquero: as a foreigner can i just say the confederate flag looks cool 21:05 twinkiecr: i prefr the battle flag of northern va 21:05 twinkiecr: o7 21:07 SilentKno: uMatrix looks like alot of work to get set right, but I appreciate what they're going for 21:07 Vaquero: wish aus had cool flags 21:08 Vaquero: ours are all jsut gay flowers 21:08 SilentKno: Start a faction 21:08 SilentKno: make a flag 21:08 twinkiecr: nice guy national socialism flag best flag 21:08 SilentKno: take over the government and boom 21:09 Dyc3: i have an idea for one 21:09 Dyc3: ill have a 4 pronged one in the shape of galactical arms 21:09 Dyc3: and then ill put it in a white circle with a red background 21:10 grapelady: How right wing are the police and military in Australia? All the men I met there were solid, not a lot of fag behavior. 21:10 Vaquero: nah the best flag would just be white with the words "if theres grass on the field play ball" 21:10 Dyc3: nobody is very far off centre man 21:11 Vaquero: our right wing is like center american. imo 21:11 Dyc3: like, we have a good percentage of based people, but as a result, the "conservative" people arent actually right wing 21:11 grapelady: So your government is just that bad? 21:11 Dyc3: yes. and worse 21:11 Dyc3: so fucking much worse 21:12 twinkiecr: i just love when aussie people go off on pissed off drunken rants 21:12 SilentKno: A flag that's just a visual recreation of Team America: World Police's explaination of why we need America to be dicks 21:12 twinkiecr: i could listen to that shit for hours 21:12 Vaquero: we dont even have freedom of speech and the majority of people dont see an issue with that 21:12 Dyc3: twinkiecream, you should ask Dick for all my voicemails lol 21:12 Dyc3: Vaquero, most believe contravertial opinions are hate speech 21:13 Vaquero: Dyc3 fucking hell we dont even know what hate speech is, just america says it so much people here thinks its something we need to rally against 21:13 grapelady: But ya'll don't even really have blacks, who is being offended? 21:13 Dyc3: grapelady, immigrants 21:13 SilentKno: women 21:13 grapelady: Some guido looking greek dude? 21:13 Vaquero: white people on behalf of immigrants 21:14 Vaquero: usually its the immigrants who are the most racist 21:14 Dyc3: ^ 21:14 Dyc3: thats literally all it is 21:14 Dyc3: immigrants get a good fucking deal 21:14 Vaquero: all racism iv experienced was from other wogs 21:14 SilentKno: oh cool, new season of Castlevania 21:14 Dyc3: they get free houses and free money that they can live off for the rest of their lives with no obligation to work for it 21:14 sagacious: Dyc3, can I have a free house? 21:14 Vaquero: and if they want a raise just need to pop out a kid 21:14 grapelady: Hmm, that is a deal 21:14 Dyc3: the citizens that work pay retarded amounts of tax to fund bludgers that do fucking NOTHING with their lives 21:15 Vaquero: altho they do make you go to job interviews 21:15 Vaquero: sometimes 21:15 Dyc3: and if you DO want to go on the dole, the government checks your family tree to see if they have any money 21:15 Dyc3: Vaquero, "job interviews" 21:15 Dyc3: literally the easiest thing to lie about 21:15 Dyc3: they dont check shit outside of a little book you need to fill out 21:15 Dyc3: they dont call the places you claim to have applied for 21:15 Vaquero: yeah i didnt get government assistance at uni and there reasoning was my mum has to much money in assets 21:16 Dyc3: ^ 21:16 grapelady: Do people move to the bush to be based? 21:16 Vaquero: didnt realise my mums house some how translates to money in my picket 21:16 Vaquero: pokcet* 21:16 Vaquero: pocket 21:16 Dyc3: grapelady, sort of. people born in the bush are the best 21:16 SilentKno: in rich ass families it does 21:16 SilentKno: in the majority of peoples families it does not 21:16 _A_: what is this convo 21:16 SilentKno: gfy 21:16 Vaquero: _A_ just how shit australia is 21:17 Dyc3: _A_, a review on australian socilaism 21:17 SilentKno: don't ask just interject randomly when you feel like it 21:17 Dyc3: australia is literally a good case study for functional socialism 21:17 grapelady: Wish we could liberate the whole island and make it free 21:17 Vaquero: Dyc3 this dude i worked with from a small town in the middle of nowhere was telling me everyone in his town is on the doll cause its so rural there arent jobs, so his fall back plan if he doesnt want to work is to just move back home 21:17 _A_: sweet thanks guys! I know to ignore IRC for the rest of the night now good night Vaquero and Dyc3 21:18 Vaquero: spend all day smoking weed on government money cause people choose to live in places with no jobs. 21:18 Dyc3: _A_, ha de ha 21:18 grapelady: _A_ do your kegels 21:18 Vaquero: also we dont have an idea of people fending for themselves, like no one is hunting and farming to live of the land they own. thats not really a thing here 21:18 Dyc3: Vaquero, literally man, there are TONNES of people that live their lives that way 21:19 Dyc3: its a nanny police state 21:19 Dyc3: yeah, kegal the fuck up _A_, stop complaining about us complaining 21:19 Vaquero: barely even a police state, a cop pulls out his gone and its nation wide news about him abusing his power 21:19 SilentKno: how is Australian socialism functional though 21:20 Vaquero: SilentKnob cause we are fairly capitalist, they dont just acknowledge that 21:20 Vaquero: they just dont* 21:20 SilentKno: so you cheat like China 21:20 Dyc3: SilentKnob, we arent kidding, working is totally optional in this country 21:20 Dyc3: due to the taxes that we pay 21:20 Vaquero: except now they are moving towards more government regulation and its making it harder and harder for competing to survive here 21:21 Vaquero: companies* 21:21 SilentKno: so well on your way to economic collapse 21:21 Dyc3: like and SO MANY people never get chased up for cheating the system 21:21 SilentKno: which is inevitable 21:21 Vaquero: i was talking to a dude at work and his cousin owns like 50 shops in new zealand, then opened a few in aus and he was saying his biggest regret for opening business in australia cause the government regulations make it impossible to make money 21:21 Dyc3: SilentKnob, in US recessions, our dollar is on par with yours 21:21 SilentKno: when you take out incentive for progress 21:21 SilentKno: the economy will stagnate 21:21 Dyc3: ^ 21:22 SilentKno: just a matter of time 21:22 Vaquero: they just need to lower minimum wage and find a way to fix the cost of living here 21:23 Dyc3: Vaquero, start by implimenting the Drug Test for Dole policy 21:23 Vaquero: or i guess tax cuts for business so they can afford to hire more people 21:23 Vaquero: Dyc3 i liked that idea of instead of cash it was vouchers 21:23 Dyc3: then impliment the debit cards for dole that only allows authorized purchases (food, bills, etc) 21:23 Vaquero: so they cant just buy drugs and shit they have to use it at a supermarket 21:23 Dyc3: yeah that one 21:23 Vaquero: and im amazed people were against that 21:23 Vaquero: like suddenly freedom matters 21:24 Dyc3: yep 21:24 Vaquero: YOU SPENDING MY TAX MONEY ISNT FREEDOM 21:24 son_of_a_: I'M THE HIPHOPOPOTAMUS, MY LYRICS ARE BOTTOMLESS 21:24 Dyc3: fuckin dumb 21:24 Dyc3: the USA wanted to do it too. not sure if it got far 21:25 Dyc3: like, drive in the west for 10 minutes, and you see what we are talking about 21:25 Vaquero: if i ever get into politics for thing im doing is making a less gay flag for nsw 21:25 Dyc3: everything west and south of the harbor bridge is either muslim or basically a fucking slum with faggots that dress like chav's stealing government money to get high 21:26 Dyc3: and its SO EASY to scam the whole thing 21:26 Vaquero: what about redfern 21:26 Dyc3: Vaquero, i was there yesterday 21:26 Vaquero: turned a suburb in the heart of the city into a slum 21:26 Dyc3: holy fuck 21:26 Vaquero: free million dollar apartments for abos 21:26 Vaquero: ridiculous 21:26 Dyc3: the amount of communist propaganda i saw plastered everywhere was staggering 21:26 Dyc3: it encouraged people not to work, to hate the whites 21:26 Dyc3: all that shit. it was fucked up 21:26 Requit: We got a date for the next live show or what 21:27 Vaquero: the last time i was at redfern a homeless man scream i love you at my gf and i turned around so he screamed not you at me 21:27 Vaquero: words hurt dude 21:27 Dyc3: lol 21:28 Dyc3: i work at wynyard, theres a ton of homeless around here 21:28 Dyc3: makes a lot of areas smell like piss 21:28 sagacious: Rackets is doing a "Doot-day" stream bahah 21:28 Dyc3: i walk past at least 5 homeless people in a day JUST going to work 21:28 Vaquero: yeah cause there fucking retards, smells like piss so they put urinals everywhere but they dont want homeless sleeping in them so you have to pay to use them 21:28 Dyc3: whats a doot day sagaciouszu 21:28 Vaquero: nice work dick heads 21:28 sagacious: the day of mr skeltal 21:29 Dyc3: Vaquero, well they do that so homeless dont fuck them up 21:29 sagacious: when he comes to emerge from all of us to take back the night 21:29 Dyc3: is that a halloween reference? 21:29 sagacious: yes but I'm mostly making shit up 21:29 Vaquero: Dyc3 yeah but why spend money on urinals to fix the problem of the city smelling like piss then making the toilets unaccessible 21:29 sagacious: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k2Ky7d5VPRE that's what the art says 21:29 Vaquero: how abou tjust not wasting the money to begin with 21:29 sagacious: at least SGDove's shit is looking better 21:29 Dyc3: Vaquero, because homeless and chavs kept either shooting up in them or smearing shit everywhere 21:29 Dyc3: or just breaking them 21:30 Vaquero: yeah so dont build them is what im saying 21:30 Dyc3: so they cut out the homeless 21:30 sagacious: you're both overthinking this: turn the homeless into hot dogs 21:30 Vaquero: iv never seen someone use them 21:30 sagacious: then feed other homeless 21:30 Vaquero: there always a maccas or public toilet somewhere you can use for free 21:31 sagacious: the cycle will sort itself out soon enough. if Mad Bum from the meat doesn't kill them, getting ground up into hot dogs will 21:31 Vaquero: i reckon they shuold just ship them all to mount druitt 21:31 Vaquero: its already a shit hole 21:31 Vaquero: cant get worse 21:31 Vaquero: whenever there is a murder thats where the bodies almost always turn up 21:31 sagacious: we can use the homeless as tires on our cars 21:32 Dyc3: if i seriously ran for government, i would destroy the dole and set up "work for the dole" 21:32 Dyc3: where you cannot get any means of government support if you dont work for it 21:32 Dyc3: like, even the severely disabled can type on a computer. thats a job the government can give you 21:32 Dyc3: then you tax it lool 21:32 Vaquero: Dyc3 would be cheaper to give tax cuts to business that hire people on the dole 21:33 Dyc3: yeah man 21:33 sagacious: they do 21:33 sagacious: at least in ontario 21:33 Dyc3: the government can sponsor your employment until you pass a probation period, then the company can kepp you on and continue to pay your salary 21:33 Dyc3: but if they pick up a work for dole-er, they are obligated to keep them 21:33 sagacious: but, that said if you're on disability or "welfare" they take whatever you make out of your current monthly sum so it kinda fucks you 21:33 Dyc3: otherwise you get people changing jobs every 3 months 21:34 Dyc3: sagaciouszu, yeah we have that too, you have to declare any earnings while you are on the dole and it gets subtracted 21:34 sagacious: even if you just have a part time job, and if you make a dollar more than some cut off you get booted off so you have no drug coverage or anything 21:34 Dyc3: thats not too bad though, think of people that could basically have a double income from scamming that 21:34 sagacious: I'm not a social worker for the city, I don't have a stats or anything 21:35 sagacious: oh I'm not decrying it, it just makes it a bit more difficult to get on your feet in some cases, like if you have medication that costs a fuckton that gets 100% covered previously 21:35 sagacious: speaking from experience anyway 21:36 Dyc3: yeah thats true 21:36 Dyc3: _A_, its safe now 21:41 Dyc3: god dam logan paul is a faggot 21:46 @ DTales: jesus larry is so out of touch 21:46 @ DTales: very funny 21:51 GADtheRAD: I havent listened to larry in over a year 22:05 Dyc3: DTales, how you mean 22:05 Dyc3: i also havent listened for about a year 22:16 retardbit: nhue reddit post: https://old.reddit.com/r/TheDickShow/comments/9t6bfv/boomerlivesmatter/ 22:31 retardbit: nwe plebbit ebic: https://old.reddit.com/r/TheDickShow/comments/9t6ela/some_highprofile_guests_give_the_man_your_shekels/ 22:37 retardbit: nhue raddit post: https://old.reddit.com/r/TheDickShow/comments/9t6fgm/russian_waifu/ 22:42 retardbit: yue plebbit sopt: https://old.reddit.com/r/TheDickShow/comments/9t6gf5/post_your_news/ 22:48 Dyc3: no reddit news 22:48 Dyc3: no 22:50 GabrahamS: After ten thousand years I'm free 22:50 Silverfis: BACK TO THE FRONT 22:50 son_of_a_: THEYRE TAKING OUR JOBS AND OUR POPCORN MAKERS 22:52 GADtheRAD: Did rita fuck goldar? 22:52 Silverfis: I hope so 23:22 ~ _688as: SLUT 23:22 ~ _688as: WHORE 23:26 Dyc3: WHAT THE FUCK 23:26 son_of_a_: GIT GUD! 23:26 Dyc3: k 23:27 Dyc3: i listen to Limp Bizkit unironically. Fite me 23:29 Silverfis: lol 23:30 Silverfis: so who got spoopy tonight 23:30 Silverfis: HEHE 23:31 ~ _688as: your fucking mom 23:41 ~ _688as: why is daredevil such a whiny piece of shit this season 23:41 Silverfis: idk I don't watch it 23:41 Silverfis: I only watch my dick going into and out of your mom. 23:42 ~ _688as: my mom was cremated and her ashes scattered in pennsylvania 23:42 Silverfis: I told you, I love fucking Pennsylvania. 23:42 ~ _688as: where in pennsylvania faggot 23:43 Silverfis: Everywhere I go. 23:47 Fire_Miss: well that game was interesting 23:50 Dyc3: the absolute state of reddit 23:51 ~ _688as: shreddit 23:53 Silverfis: Is Voat gone yet? 23:53 Fire_Miss: Silverfish: now there is a name i have not heard in a very long time 23:53 Silverfis: indeed 23:53 Fire_Miss: voat more like what amirite 23:55 ~ _688as: fuck off gandalf 23:55 Fire_Miss: apparently it's still a thing, and it's still a bunch of anti jew and anti leftist shit 23:57 Fire_Miss: of the top 10 threats i just checked, 3 are anti-jew, 2 are "lol check out these niggers", 2 are "lol silly leftists" and there's something about how planned parenthood is selling baby parts or something 23:57 Fire_Miss: threads* 23:58 ~ _688as: so it's just shitty /pol/ 23:58 Fire_Miss: essentially 23:58 ~ _688as: with gay voting that ruins everything 23:58 Fire_Miss: basically its shit that would have gotten people banned on reddit if posted in politics or anywhere outside of donald --- Log closed Thu Nov 01 00:00:10 2018
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