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  1. wauterboi

    Audio Equipment: Mixers

    I swear by Cockos Reaper. It's $60 and fully-featured excluding a ton of proprietary effects, imo. None of that. You gotta fill it up yourself. lA ot of people like Protools but as I'm not an audio engineer, I am fine with not shelling out the money that. I pair Reaper and the Voxengo Suite, as well as Guitar Rig 5 if I need special effects. (I use it for everything including but not limited to guitars.) Short of that, if I need a real basic cut I will just open Audacity. My post got wrecked but I'm leaving it for sagaciouszu to figure out.
  2. wauterboi

    Audio Equipment: Mixers

    I buy no hardware and get judged for it by other people. By that, I'm not counting the discontinued Guitar Rig Pedal and the Rocksmith USB Cable. If I had to, however, I'd be recording audio using a cheap USB solution (like the Scarlett series) simply as an audio source and then mixing through an assortment of VST's in Reaper. People want giant mixers and tons of gigantic audio cables running around and I don't get it. There's probably some purpose but it does not apply to me. I just need some relatively clean audio running through a USB connection most of the time, and then I just wire audio into the Guitar Rig 5 VST and then GlissEQ and Elephant from Voxengo. I'd suggest looking into a non-mixer solution because I know those can be insanely expensive while also being a pain.
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tv64MUiyg0A&feature=youtu.be Took me two months to finish, which is actually quicker than usual. (My song before this took two years.) It's a song about rampant anxiety and the unshakeable feeling that something is going to go wrong.

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