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  1. Silverfish

    Show off your projects

    I made something for a client with my CNC. Simple sign but it was fun and I actually got money for it.
  2. Silverfish

    WASTD Podcast

    Hah. Thanks buddy.
  3. Silverfish

    WASTD Podcast

    Guys. We do a podcast every weekend where we get drunk and stoned and talk about bullshit. You may be interested in it. We do call-ins as well so feel free to hop on and be part of the show. Check us out at tacticalautism.com Here's the latest episode: https://www.bitchute.com/video/EB06RMiDldXQ/
  4. Silverfish


    Welcome Mr. King.
  5. Silverfish

    Fuck Mike Gamms

    Is he what caused the FB group to be banned? I really don't care about the guy but now that he's going after TShaern my opinion is changing.
  6. Silverfish


    Welcome. I for one am happy to see some more traffic to this place. Edit: Fyi, we have a porn section. Facebook weirdos start posting pls.
  7. Silverfish

    Computer Usage

    Firefox always seems to use the most memory. I wonder if Chrome is any better, I flip between the two most often. What browser are you using?
  8. Silverfish

    Cat Thread

  9. Silverfish

    Cat Thread

    Post pictures of your sweet pussies. I've got a cute little black one and a huge one. cats.mp4
  10. Silverfish

    Container Overview

    Here's a good talk on containers vs VMs vs machine containers. I've been trying to understand why someone would want to use a container like Docker over a VM. This explained it for me.
  11. Silverfish

    Red Dead 2

    Bump, anyone else playing this? I'm 'thesilverfish' on PSN. Online play is kind of fun, but buggy at the moment. I get dropped from the servers every so often.
  12. Silverfish

    I'm here, queer, get use 2 it!

    We only have yogurt, but you must close your eyes and drink it through a hose.
  13. Silverfish

    The Zeitgeist

    Guys, here's episode one: It's minimally edited, just the start/end really. I'm looking into hosting other than youtube/libsyn. I'd like to do it self hosted, but youtube is where I threw the files up for now.
  14. Silverfish

    The Mysterious Green Turd

    Welcome to the forum buddy. Pics or it didn't happen.
  15. Silverfish

    Audio Equipment: Mixers

    What do you use to edit audio, wauter?

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