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    Show off your projects

    I want to build something like this at some point in my life, it looks awesome: https://monster6502.com/ Have you guys built anything cool? Show it off. I'm going to work on a MAME desktop cabinet at some point in the near future. Will report back when I do.
  2. Silverfish

    Show off your projects

    I made something for a client with my CNC. Simple sign but it was fun and I actually got money for it.
  3. Silverfish

    WASTD Podcast

    Guys. We do a podcast every weekend where we get drunk and stoned and talk about bullshit. You may be interested in it. We do call-ins as well so feel free to hop on and be part of the show. Check us out at tacticalautism.com Here's the latest episode: https://www.bitchute.com/video/EB06RMiDldXQ/
  4. Silverfish

    WASTD Podcast

    Hah. Thanks buddy.
  5. Silverfish


    Welcome Mr. King.
  6. Silverfish

    Cat Thread

    Post pictures of your sweet pussies. I've got a cute little black one and a huge one. cats.mp4
  7. Silverfish

    Fuck Mike Gamms

    Is he what caused the FB group to be banned? I really don't care about the guy but now that he's going after TShaern my opinion is changing.
  8. Silverfish


    Welcome. I for one am happy to see some more traffic to this place. Edit: Fyi, we have a porn section. Facebook weirdos start posting pls.
  9. Silverfish

    Computer Usage

    Firefox always seems to use the most memory. I wonder if Chrome is any better, I flip between the two most often. What browser are you using?
  10. Silverfish

    Cat Thread

  11. Silverfish

    Container Overview

    Here's a good talk on containers vs VMs vs machine containers. I've been trying to understand why someone would want to use a container like Docker over a VM. This explained it for me.
  12. Silverfish

    Red Dead 2

    Bump, anyone else playing this? I'm 'thesilverfish' on PSN. Online play is kind of fun, but buggy at the moment. I get dropped from the servers every so often.
  13. Silverfish

    I'm here, queer, get use 2 it!

    We only have yogurt, but you must close your eyes and drink it through a hose.
  14. Silverfish

    The Zeitgeist

    As I hoped the TDS Forum would be an asynchronous form of IRC, I've been trying to get together an IRC braintrust for an audio version of IRC banter. Originally conceived because I wanted to hear @AndOR do long form voicemails about current politics, the host community has expanded to the point where I figure I'd try to get a thread going. We're currently using discord (https://discord.gg/7tYXuUF) and a bot (craig.horse) to record, but I have a better solution in the works. More to come on that later. @Dyc3 is currently a major contributor as are others. I'd be curious to hear what you guys have to think about a semi-regular talkshow where the IRC folk can talk about whatever for a block of time. I'm not much for rules but here are two I think are necessary to state: No doxxing, we'll go by your internet handle (likely IRC handle) Try not to let names slip if you actually know each other, it happens, but try to keep it internet friendly No obviously illegal shit like CP Keep things fun, and know we're always up for trying different formats The first episode will be released Tuesday 11/27/2018 in this thread. Cheers!
  15. Silverfish

    The Zeitgeist

    Guys, here's episode one: It's minimally edited, just the start/end really. I'm looking into hosting other than youtube/libsyn. I'd like to do it self hosted, but youtube is where I threw the files up for now.
  16. Silverfish

    The Mysterious Green Turd

    Welcome to the forum buddy. Pics or it didn't happen.
  17. Silverfish

    Audio Equipment: Mixers

    What do you use to edit audio, wauter?
  18. Silverfish

    The Zeitgeist

    Regarding ad breaks: I plug people's patreons as they come up. Sometimes I say "I gotta go take a piss.".
  19. Silverfish

    [EP] Episode 129 - Dick on The Crying Game

    The eulogy was well done. Hard to listen to, but necessary and executed with class. I enjoyed the episode over all. I'm currently experiencing some mom internet, but I'm not going to troubleshoot it. I also kind of enjoyed the Digibro call-in, as much as I hate to say it. My Thanksgiving rage is a 3 hour drive each way which I always leave too late for, end up showing up 15-30 mins late, and catching shit from the family every Thanksgiving. It's nearly tradition now.
  20. Silverfish

    The Zeitgeist

    I'll do that. It was green because when I paste a hyperlink it causes the text of the rest of the line to be red. It looked weird so I turned it all green. Some formatting issue that I couldn't figure out.. Here's a format I originally had in mind: Start the show, introductions of the 1-3 hosts Overview of a list of items the hosts want to discuss about the news or weekly happenings Open the lines for folks to jump in and have their say. I was thinking one at a time but I do enjoy when we get a good group discussion going What do you think about that?
  21. I don't tweet either. Someone around here must.. I wonder if he'd be proud of it or be weirdly secretive.
  22. Silverfish

    [EP] Episode 129 - Dick on The Crying Game

    I'm listening to this on my 2.5 hr drive back home for Thanksgiving where I can use my in-law's shitty wifi. Will update with thots.
  23. I could see it it's his style of humor. It seems like he's always busy with something other than writing books/posts and recording podcasts. Ask him on twitter?
  24. Silverfish

    Movie Nite

    Version 1.0.0


    It's Zardoz. Marvel at it.
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