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  1. krimcl

    Show off your projects

    I made a script that turns old DBZ score decklists into 3x3 printable proxy sheets for playing children's card games.
  2. krimcl

    Computer Usage

    Chrome, firefox doesn't handle my tab usage well.
  3. krimcl

    Computer Usage

    I think I'm using my computer wrong. Or I need 1TB of ECC ram on a quad xeon server build. What does you's guy'ses shit idle at?
  4. krimcl


  5. I just moved and got my new spot mostly set up.
  6. krimcl

    Topical OC memes

    I made this. Sadly no detonations reported as of yet. What a failure.
  7. krimcl

    Early 90's era emulation netplay

    Looking at a list of co-op games, Kirby Super Star on the snes jumps out as good in my memory, as does Turtles in Time.
  8. krimcl

    Early 90's era emulation netplay

    Are there any actual CO-OP games other than like, secret of mana? Sure final fantasy 4 supports multiple controllers, but its not really multipalyer, and most stuff is like mario, taking turns.

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