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  1. Kh4nm4n

    Show off your projects

    I'm thinking of building an electronic guitar pick knurler in my electro-mech-eng course in the next 2 years. Would like to be able to have customizable patterns and depths. I bet it wouldn't be that hard, but I guess I should report back only once I already have evidence of falling flat on my face. In any case, picks slipping out of my hand because I play the bass too hard is an significant rage, and I bet the machine could marketable too.
  2. Kh4nm4n

    WASTD Podcast

    thoroughly enjoyed along with the rest (13) of us.
  3. Kh4nm4n

    Bonus Episode 33 - Dick on The Dash

    so glad to get two dicks in my ear this week.
  4. Kh4nm4n


    Foebbles Bae sixpackin' fundafemenisim?
  5. Kh4nm4n


    Any leads on the gay-ops perp?

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