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sagacious zu


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Welcome to anyone coming from the newly banned Facebook Group.

Unlike over there, if you act like an idiot, you will be treated like an idiot. Myself included.

Other than that, enjoy your stay and post shit in the correct forums.


Things have been a little slow the past while. Just move past it.

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30 minutes ago, Kh4nm4n said:

Any leads on the gay-ops perp?

Only the ones you're heading up. Get to goose steppin'. 😉

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Welcome. I for one am happy to see some more traffic to this place.

Edit: Fyi, we have a porn section. Facebook weirdos start posting pls.

Edited by Silverfish

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Legit upset tdsfbg is gone.  Was a great way to laugh at the bantz and people sperging out. Glad there is something else I can go to. Glad to be a part of any dickhead community, thanks for having me!

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They're free! FREE FROM THE ZUCC!

For real, that sucks that it's gone. It was nice containment. ;D

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